October 8, 2020 Last updated on February 18th, 2021
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As TikTok grows in popularity, several trends and challenges have been popping up. Some of these trends are fun, creative, and cool. While some are weird and even dangerous.

In this article, we will see some of the weirdest trends that have existed on the viral video platform.

Let’s dive in.


The skullbreaker challenge

Not only is this trend very weird, it is also dangerous.

The viral challenge originated in Venezuela. In the native language, the challenge is called “rompecráneos”.

The challenge depicts three people standing next to each other getting ready to jump. Unknowingly to the third person, the two people on the sides won’t jump. As the middle person jumps, the people on the side kick the middle person’s feet from under him or her. This kicking results in the middle person crashing to the floor. Most people land on their heads and back. Even with how dangerous the challenge was, a lot of teens participated in the challenge.

The trend led to several injuries across the United States. Two high school teens in Daytona Beach were even charged with cyberbullying and misdemeanor after a student got injured during the challenge.

Due to how dangerous the challenge was, another TikTok challenge called “#stopskullbreakerchallenge” also popped up.

TikTok even went as far as issuing a statement advising TikTok users not to participate in the challenge.

Screenshot 20200930 134001

The penny challenge

The penny or “outlet” challenge swept through TikTok earlier this year.

The challenge depicted teens plugging in a cell phone charger halfway into an electric socket. They then touched the exposed metal prongs with a penny just to see sparks fly.

The challenge led to several electrical system challenges and sometimes fire.

tacoma e1580991942154

An image depicting damage to an electric socket after a child participated in the challenge

Firefighters have posted several videos online warning teens about the dangers of the challenge.

@provofirerescueCaptain Tanner with a public safety announcement about the dangers of the Tik Tok Penny Challenge. ##dontdoit

♬ original sound – provofirerescue

Captain Brian of the Provo fire rescue in a TikTok video said this about the challenge, “You may be expecting cute little sparks from this experiment. But what you may get is a visit from a buff and handsome dude like me, pulling you from the wreckage of your once beautiful home … I’m telling you this is dangerous stuff – don’t do it.”

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The throw it in the air challenge

This is a very fun game with a simple concept.

Three to six people stand in a circle with their heads bowed down. One of them will then toss an object in the air. Everybody in the circle is forbidden to move away as the object falls towards them. If you are unlucky and the object falls on you, you lose the round and will leave the circle. The game continues until there is just one person left.

@joesanhanga##snowchallege ##throwitintheairchallenge ##airchallenge ##flagstaff

♬ original sound – Joe Sanhanga

Remember I said earlier that the game was fun, well, some TikTok users turned the game into an extreme sport. Instead of using light objects like pillows and soccer balls, some used heavy objects like chairs and suitcases. I even watched a now-banned video where the participants threw a ladder in the air. 🤯

The cereal challenge

This challenge is both weird and disgusting.

@brentriveraWhen you run out of cereal bowls 😂 @juanpazurita

♬ original sound – Brent Rivera

The challenge involves pouring cereal into another person’s mouth followed by a significant amount of milk. This part is the okay part. The next step in the challenge will definitely make your skin crawl.

After pouring the milk, you take a spoon and eat the cereal straight out of the person’s mouth. Apart from participating in the disgusting act of eating straight out of another person’s mouth, there are two things that can go wrong.

Either the person in a fit of laughter spews all the cereal and milk over you, or they choke as the cereal-milk combo forces it the way down their throat. The first scenario is disgusting and the second scenario can be life-threatening.

The moral of the story: don’t try this challenge at all.

The bright eye challenge

This is another weird challenge that went viral on TikTok.

@greglammersDon’t worry everyone!! I’m ok!!…. Right? ##foryou ##foryoupage ##trend ##react ##duet

♬ original sound – greggy

The challenge involves mixing shaving cream, hand sanitizer, bleach, and strawberry jelly in a bag. Next, you place the bag on your eye for at least an hour. The goal of the challenge is to make one eye have a lighter shade than the other. The challenge might look fun, but it is very dangerous. You risk getting blind in one eye. Shaving cream and bleach have no business coming in contact with the eyes.

Hit or miss challenge

Unlike the previous challenges that involve some sort of self-harm, this challenge is genuinely fun. Although to onlookers, you might look a little bit crazy. 😁

Hit or miss is a challenge that helps you find TikTokers around you in the physical world. The challenge involves participants going to a public place and then shouting ” hit or miss” and waiting for another person to respond. The challenge saw many people going to shopping malls and bus stations with the hope of getting a shout back from other TikTokers.

@briannarosee_13is it real orrrr not? hmmmm 🤔😂 ##hitormisschallenge

♬ original sound – Brianna

Videos created using the viral challenge have been viewed millions of times on TikTok. If you do not feel uncomfortable shouting in public places, then you should try out the challenge. It’s kinda fun.

Fox eyebrow challenge

This is a weird fashion challenge that went viral on TikTok. The challenge gave a fresh new twist to the fox eyebrow makeup look.

The challenge involves shaving off half of your eyebrows and then using makeup to draw them back on – while giving it a foxy effect.

@queensantanaaI SHAVED MY EYEBROWS OFF FOR TIKTOK PLEASE DONT LET THIS FLOP ##fyp ##fup ##viral ##foxeye ##foxeyechallenge ##foxeyetrend

♬ original sound – Leanys Capote

Out of all of the weird TikTok challenges, this one is my favorite. No one is getting hurt. Just people glamming up.

Mole removal challenge

This is another weird and brutal TikTok trend that went viral on the platform. The trend involved people showcasing different DIY methods of removing the moles on their bodies. Some of the methods showcased in the videos included scraping of the moles with sharp objects or attacking with dangerous chemicals.

Several TikTok users showed before and after clips of themselves removing moles on their bodies at home.

@sailorgirlfriendremoving my mole near my armpit during shelter-at-home ##mole ##removingmole ##moleremoval

♬ Intentions – Justin Bieber

Many doctors have slammed this DIY method of mole removal. Participating in this challenge can lead to scarring, infection, and skin damage.

Fake dimple trend

This is the second weird beauty trend on this list. The trend involves using a pen to poke and massage a point on your cheeks until you get a fake dimple.

According to the girl in the video below, she got her dimple using this method.

@rubyholmessokay so like it works

♬ original sound – shirlee

I tried the challenge and I can categorically tell you that it does not work. I held a pen to my cheeks for a full 10 minutes. The only thing I gained was a throbbing pain in my cheeks. So if you were planning on attempting this challenge, don’t bother!

The cha-cha slide challenge

WARNING ⚠️ Never try this challenge. You can get arrested or worse, end up in the hospital.

So what’s this dreadful challenge that I had to give a warning about first?

If you thought the skullbreaker challenger was dangerous, this is much worse.

@cjjeffreyCha cha slide🕺🏻##fyp ##fouryoupage ##chachaslidechallenge @_tannerdurham_

♬ Cha Cha Slide – CDM Project

This challenge involves swerving all over the road while driving in sync with a dance anthem released by DJ Casper a.k.a the slide man.

So each time Casper sings a lyric like “slide to the left”, the TikTok driver makes a corresponding swerve to the next lane. Things get really scary during the “crisscross” verse. Drivers start swerving like maniacs without thinking about potential oncoming traffic. In most of the clips uploaded on TikTok, the platform moderaters added a warning which read “The action in this video could result in serious injury”.

The cha-cha slide challenge is one of several dangerous trends going viral on the platform.

There is nothing fun about this challenge. It’s just dangerous! Do not try it.

Teeth shaving trend

This is a weird TikTok trend where people used nail files to shave their teeth. I still don’t understand why someone would do this, but several TikTokers participated in the trend.

@thebentist@cheneltiara why you do dis to me! 🥺😭 PSA: I don’t recommend doing this ✌🏻 have your dentist check to make sure it’s safe first! ##teeth ##braces

♬ original sound – The Bentist

Note: Participating in this trend will cause increased sensitivity, pain, and even nerve damage. Do not try it.

Apple juice trend

Instead of buying a real apple, TikTokers bought cases of Martinelli apple juice so they can bite on the plastic container because it sounds like biting an apple.

@jonathanlurie##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##dontflop ##viral ##applejuice ##applejuicechallenge ##martenelli

♬ original sound – Jonathan Lurie

Why would you bite a plastic container when you can just bite a real apple?

We will never know.


These are 12 of the weirdest trends on TikTok. With TikTok increasing in popularity, more trends keep popping up on the platform. While most of them are fun and creative, some can be really dangerous. So be careful when choosing what trends to participate in.

Hope you enjoyed reading this list of weird TikTok trends. We will keep updating this list, so check back in a couple of months.

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