Instagram strategy

Instagram Content Calendar: 10 Tips to Plan Your Feed Ahead of Time

For many, the idea of an Instagram content calendar seems, at best, an effort; at worst, a dread-inducing task that you’ve no idea how to…
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Instagram Creator Profiles vs. Instagram Business Profiles: Should You Convert?

The Creator Studio in Facebook has been quietly launched for over a year now and Instagram recently introduced Creator profiles aimed at influencers, bloggers and other significantly…
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Social media and mental health tips
Social Media Marketing

Social Media and Mental Health: 6 Survival Tips for Social Media Managers

You have to love social media. The whole concept: instant communication, round-the-clock connection, ease of use, the speed at which messages spread… What else could…
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A complete guide to Stories on Facebook
Facebook strategy

Facebook Stories: A Complete Guide

What are Facebook Stories? If you haven’t been on Facebook for a while, you potentially don’t even know about this feature (launched early 2017) which…
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Instagram Is Hiding Like Counts: Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

Have you heard that Instagram is hiding public like counts? That’s right! At this year’s annual F8 developer conference, Instagram revealed that it would start…
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Instagram tips

8 Great Instagram Poll Ideas to Increase Stories’ Engagement

Looking to increase your engagement on Stories? There are plenty of great Instagram poll ideas you can use to do that! From promoting product releases, to…
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