Facebook engagement rate calculated

We Analyzed 2,810 Profiles to Calculate Average Facebook Engagement Rate

Want to know the average Facebook engagement rate? Then you’ve landed on the right article. Iconosquare, providing in-depth Facebook analytics for worldwide brands, has recently…
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Understanding the algorithm on Instagram

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work? 4 Tips to Better Understand the Algorithm

Hardly a day goes by without someone complaining about the Instagram algorithm. And sometimes it’s difficult to tell if we’re discussing a simple set of instructions…
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Instagram and Data Control
Instagram updates

Instagram Gives Users More Control Over Their Data

Instagram introduced a new in-app feature to help you better control the data you share with third-parties through Instagram. While this feature might not contribute to…
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Guide to Instagram Stories Highlights
Instagram strategy

How to Use Instagram Highlights on Stories Strategically

Are you taking full advantage of Instagram Highlights? This neat little feature has a lot to offer in terms of efficiently communicating your products and…
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Which Instagram ads are better?

Which Instagram Ads Are Better? Results From Our Experiment

Which Instagram ads are better? If you’re an experienced social media marketer, you’ve probably already asked yourself this very question many times. But few have…
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Download Instagram videos
Instagram tips

How to Download Instagram Videos (A Very Functional Guide)

Looking to download Instagram videos directly to your computer or phone? Then you are at the right place. Whether it is a tutorial featuring the…
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