December 23, 2019 Last updated on December 3rd, 2020
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Since 2017, Instagram has been working on a standalone messaging app, following suit of Facebook and its Facebook Messenger.

Now, after nearly 3 years in the making, the app is finally here!

Introducing: Instagram Threads.

According to Instagram itself, the new app is designed to help you stay connected with your closest friends in a “dedicated, private space”. If you’re a fan of Instagram’s Close Friends feature in Stories, then you’ll definitely love Threads! 💪

Read on to find out how you can use the new Threads App both as a private user and as a brand:

Your Guide to the Threads App:
Instagram’s Own Messaging Platform

How to use Instagram Threads : Instagram's Messaging App

In a nutshell, Threads acts like an overlap of Instagram’s Direct and Close Friends features, so it feels like an extra special DM inbox filled with just your favorite friends. Essentially, Threads allows you to stay focused on your real friends and respond to their messages quicker.

But how exactly is Threads different from Instagram’s Close Friends feature in DMs?

Good question!

Just last year, Instagram introduced Close Friends — a feature designed to share more personal moments through Instagram Stories and Instagram Direct with a select list of people. You can create that list if you click on the Menu icon in the top right corner and go to Close Friends. Having made the list, next time when you choose to post an Instagram Story, you’ll be able to click on the Close Friends icon at the bottom and the Story will be shared to that pre-made list of close friends only.

Close Friends feature on Instagram

While this feature is super handy, the thing about it is that you have to click on that Close Friends icon each and every time you want to remember to share your content with friends only. And sometimes, well, even the best of us can forget to do that! 🤷

Another thing with Instagram is that it’s not unusual to get lost in your own DMs, with followers sending quick emoji-reactions to your Stories, strangers sending DM requests, and actual friends sharing funny memes once in a while. Instagram does offer Primary, General, and Requests folders in its DMs but it can still get a bit messy, to say the least.

Threads is easier.

In a nutshell, Instagram Threads is basically moving from global way of communication to more local and interpersonal, helping you hone relationships with your close friends that you might send visual content through DMs or publish friends-only Stories for.

First and foremost, Threads lets you quickly share photos or videos with specific friends on Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about clicking that “Close Friends” button every time. This means that the content you share on Threads will be automatically shared on Instagram, too, but only to your close connections. If you already have a list of close friends on Instagram and any DM groups or conversations, those will automatically pass to Threads. When you open the app, you can modify that said list of close friends right there.

On top of that, Threads allows you to keep track of meaningful conversations with your actual friends from the Close Friends list, so that you don’t get torn between your Primary, General, and Requests folders. In addition, you can also create a daily status letting your friends know what you’re up to as you move about your day. You can even create a custom-status to share for a limited amount of time:

Share your Status with Friends on Threads from Instagram

Even further to that, you can choose to share your status automatically, so your icon would change by itself when you’re charging your phone (⚡), are on airplane mode (✈️), etc.

How to use the Threads App for Instagram:

When you open the app, you’re immediately met with a camera view that “allows you to add shortcuts, so that you can share what you’re doing in just two taps” (says Instagram).

Just like on Stories, if you swipe up, you get access to your Camera Roll that you can publish your photos/videos from. And again, just like in Stories, you’re able to customize your content with stickers, text overlays, and brushes. You can also apply the same native Stories’ filters on Threads:

Instagram Threads helps you customize your content

When you’re ready to publish, you can choose between three different viewing options: View Once, Replay, and Keep in Chat. Quite self-explanatory, but still: if you choose View Once, your content can only be viewed once; if you select Replay, people will be able to replay your content one more time; and if you select Keep in Chat, then the content will stay in the chat forever.

How can brands take advantage of Threads?

Ok, Olga, we hear you. Threads can be pretty useful IF you’re a private Instagram user. But how can a brand take advantage of this new messaging app?

Again — good question!

One of the ways you can use the Threads app as a brand is to nurture relationships with your brand ambassadors and specific influencers. You can curate your list of influencers, manage connections more easily, create groups amongst specific influencers depending on the topic or the status of the campaign, etc. All in all, it’s a useful new method to organize your communications, keep track of them in a more methodical manner.


That’s it!

If you haven’t given it a go yet, download the new Threads app by searching “Threads from Instagram” in the App Store or Google Play and see for yourself how useful it could be for you personally or your brand.

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