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International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women all over the world. More than ever, women are finding ways to become even stronger business women, and Instagram plays a big part in that strength today.

Social media can serve as a support network for people from all walks of life, and women in business are no exception. What better way to enjoy work than to nurture and grow an Instagram community of happy customers, fans and potentially even friends?!

We got to know two women in business a little better in honor of International Women’s Day this year. So today we’d like to celebrate by giving you the opportunity to read about their friendship and projects that all began on Instagram.

The collaborative power of Instagram & women in business

Mama Designs

Keira O’Mara runs Mama Designs where she has been creating stylish yet practical products for mamas and babies since 2008, all from her experience as a mother of two. Mama Designs sells products through major retailers and independents in the UK and beyond. Keira markets her products via Instagram at @mamadesigns.

“Hi, I’m Keira, the mama behind Mama Designs. I launched the business over 7 years ago when my little boy was a baby. I was on maternity leave and was self conscious about breastfeeding in public. When I looked for and could not find a discreet breastfeeding cover I set about creating one using my redundancy money. I now have a whole range of products all designed with love in the UK, and mostly as a direct response to problems I came across as a mum.”

Happy Valentines Day! ❤ and who doesn't love sleep?! xx

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Whose day is looking like this? 😴 @blossomandbear xx

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Nor-folk (@nor_folk) is a lifestyle and design brand headed up by owner and photographer, Fiona Burrage, and her husband. The company resides in a beautiful converted factory space which is also used for photo shoots for brands such as most recently IKEA and

“Together, we design and curate apparel and products for the whole family with a timeless minimalist design aesthetic. We create and sell products we love and want in our own lives. We passionately adhere to the sentiment ‘less is more’ and ‘quality over quantity’ in our product creation. Our family and adventures are our canvas and muse.”

Fi Burrage and Keira O’Mara “met” and became friends via Instagram when Keira sent a product for Fi’s then toddler, Stanley, and the rest is history. The two women have become friends sharing stories and advice on anything from business to children.

Instagram has been key for building both brands, and so many friendships between women form through the network. Working from home, and often balancing motherhood and business, these women rely on their Instagram community for support.

Fi and Keira decided to get together for a photo shoot. That very shoot was the first occasion for them to physically meet outside of Instagram, to collaborate together at Fiona’s iconic apartment.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot:

Fiona and Keira used Instagram Stories throughout the day to keep their communities engaged and interested in their project. Keira was then able to post the final photos to Instagram as extra marketing material. The images have had lots of success so far and @mamadesigns’ engagement rate is flourishing.

Keira keeps up with her community engagement and growth with the help of analytics, which give her better insight into her Instagram audience. Her Instagram following has increased by over 2,000 in the past few weeks alone!

“Iconosquare has been crucial for tracking our analytics, measuring what works best and helping us track and grow by working out the best type of posts for our audience and the times that get the most engagement and interaction.”

Here is a glimpse of some of the photos taken on the day of the photoshoot:

Good work, ladies! If you’re wondering how Instagram can help you grow your small business, check out this guide on the Iconosquare Blog!

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    Keira keeps up with her community engagement and growth with the help of analytics, which give her better insight into her Instagram audience. Her Instagram following has increased by over 2,000 in the past few weeks alone!

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