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Instagram is testing a new shopping feature exclusively for a select group of brands on the platform.

The new feature, announced last week, was created in order to allow brands with products to sell to be able to do so within Instagram, removing the need to encourage a click to an external landing page from the customer.

Watch this week’s news report for a quick update on this new Instagram feature:

What will the feature do?

                                 “To test the new experience, 20 US-based retail brands including Kate Spade, JackThreads and Warby Parker will share posts that have more depth…”


The overall idea of the feature is to permit brands to tag their products (up to 5 different products) in their Instagram posts. These shoppable posts are identifiable thanks to a “Tap to view products” sign in the bottom left-hand corner of the image.


These posts allow customers to click on each individual product in order to view additional details such as prices and product shots. Then, if the customer decides to purchase the product, they simply click through to the company website and add the item to their shopping cart (without the need for searching).

Why is this good news for customers?

The customer is able to browse products without the annoyance of having to switch between screens. Basically, two of the most popular Internet activities are merged into one with this feature: online shopping and social media. Therefore, shopping becomes easier and frankly more enjoyable, because it is made to become a part of the everyday activity that is perusing the Instagram feed. In fact, it’s double good news for browsing customers because they’ll be able to check out products they’re interested in without ever having to leave Instagram – or losing their place in their Instagram feed!

What Instagram user hasn’t seen a post and thought: “I wonder where I can buy that?” or “I wonder how much that is?”. This could all be over very soon, providing the test goes well.

Why is this good news for brands?

The customer’s reactivity to a product they like will be much more sudden than it is at present, because they won’t have to go through the process of going to the website to find the product, check the price and product details before finally deciding to (or not to) buy. In fact, the process, although already shortened with the help of clickable links in Instagram bios, will pretty much be halved, with most of it happening directly within Instagram.

The brands who make the most of this service when it becomes available to all business profiles will surely see increased results from their marketing efforts, as the result of an Instagram marketing campaign will likely be felt more immediately. This could possibly lead to increased sales, and a better conversion rate on Instagram.


Was this blog post helpful to you? Would you be interested in implementing this feature on your business profile on Instagram in the future? We’d love to get your opinions and thoughts on this topic!

Emily Lydon

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  • With over 258k niche followers I would be incredibly interested in seeing better conversion rates. The savings in marketing costs will be translated into much better prices to the end customers.

  • I think this feature would be great, I post a lot of items that are available to my Instagram page but have direct them to buy from my website, which is also good because it directs traffic to my site, but if I can get customers to “impulse” buy from Instagram, that would be wonderful! I would definitely be interested in adding this feature and will keep an eye out for it.

  • Emily Lydon

    We don’t actually have a date yet – it’s being tested by Instagram so we just have to wait for more news!

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