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A Facebook IQ study looks at the results of a survey conducted on around 2000 people over the age of 18, in the UK and the UAE. The study covers 5 main aspects of video engagement amongst Millennials: device, attention span, length of viewing, context and attraction.

1. The smartphone is king

According to Facebook’s study, surveyed people were 1.2 times more likely to watch a video on their smartphone as opposed to on their computer. The smartphone really is king nowadays, and people young and not so young are using them more than ever. If you’re including video on your website, make sure your pages are responsive!

2. Attention spans are reducing

Smartphones may save the day when it comes to Millennials’ attention spans. This survey showed that they are 1.36 times more likely (than all other age groups surveyed) to stay focused on a video when watching on a mobile device. Overall, 67% of over 18s surveyed said they’d prefer to watch a video under 10 minutes in length. So keep it short and sweet!

3. Millennials like to binge-watch

54% of the Millennials surveyed said they watch many video clips in a row, and also, 54% said they did so without realizing they were doing it. This is clearly symptomatic of binge-like behavior. The takeaway here would be to reference videos correctly (on YouTube and Facebook in any case) , so that they might appear in a queue and be watched as a part of a binge.

4. Context is important

In terms of emotion, Instagram fared better than other platforms with 1.8 times more joy perceived by video viewers there than on any other platform. Could this be because of the length of the videos which is limited to 60 seconds on Instagram? We’d suggest trying out some different lengths and gauging which works best for your audience!

5. Videos are irresistible

The survey results also show that people spend on average 5 times longer looking at videos than static images on Facebook and Instagram (in their mobile feed). What’s more, 360 live video on Facebook was said to inspire 1.4 times more joy than regular videos. Why not try out this cool new format on your community?!

Ways to explore video on social

If you’re liking the look of the results of this study, and would like to incorporate more video into your own business’ social strategy, we have some tips especially for you! Why not try:

Going live on Facebook

Broadcasting a live video through Facebook is a pretty great way of reaching out to your community, and what’s even greater is that the video is saved and can be watched back by people who couldn’t make it to the live event. You can go live from your mobile or from desktop, and Facebook is also testing a new split-screen function which would enable you to go live with someone else.

Going live on Instagram

Instagram live is a relatively new feature which has been all the rage since it became available to all users. Unlike Facebook live broadcasts, no recording is made public to your community once you stop broadcasting – you can, however, keep a copy for yourself. Instagram live is a fantastic way to create a close relationship with your community! Here are our tips for going live on Instagram in 2017.

Uploading pre-recorded videos to Facebook or Instagram

Although you can share your YouTube and Instagram videos to Facebook, an even better way of ensuring great reach and engagement is to upload your videos natively. Facebook’s algorithm favors organic and native content, so be sure not to cut corners if you want your videos seen!

Creating a Multi-clip video on Instagram

Multi-clip videos are a fun and simple way to create interesting video content for your Instagram community. Multi-clip videos enable you to reuse existing videos you already have, and then snip and stick them together to create an entirely new piece of content. Check out this short tutorial!

Creating a Gif

As you can see at the beginning of this post 😉 – Gifs are a great way of sharing multiple images with your audience, without the need for multiple social posts. There are many free services available for you to create a gif quickly and easily. Gifs work great on Facebook, and, converted into short videos, can also be posted to Instagram! Check out this great post from Social Media Examiner.

Making a Boomerang

Boomerang is Instagram’s baby: a fun little tool which allows you to record a video which literally plays from beginning to end, and then from end to beginning… Boomerang style! These short videos get SO much engagement, whether posted on Instagram or Facebook. So download the app and get creating!


We hope this post will inspire you to get creative with video on social! Let us know what you plan on doing first in the comments!

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