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When it comes to product advertising, consumers are more wary than even before. The customer journey to purchasing a product has evolved hugely over the past few years, largely due to the impact of social media and the trust that consumers have in their online communities. Word of mouth and peer recommendations are what works these days, in fact the majority of online consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchase decisions, with online customer reviews coming in as their second most trusted source. (Tap Influence).

Instagram is the perfect platform for harvesting User-generated Content (UGC).

As we know, there are over 400 million Instagram users in the world – that’s a pretty big percentage of all social media users worldwide. So it would be a real shame for a brand to miss out on the opportunity to recuperate amazing content!

How UGC can be used for advertising

Men’s clothing brand, Menlook, recently launched the first ever TV advertisement using entirely user-generated content from Instagram.

“Menlook has always sought to shake up conventional advertising codes. We were the first pure player to move from web to print with our magazine The Menlook Tribune. Once again, we are leading the way by shaking up current trends: today, brands repurpose their TV campaign on Instagram but we have chosen to capture the creativity and spontaneity of this social network and transpose it to this long-established advertising format.”

– Marc Menasé, President of the Menlook Group.

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The brand chose their most influential Instagram followers and decided to utilize their clean-cut, professional looking content to advertise their brand on other media. And they’re so clever for doing it! User-generated content is totally organic and authentic content – so what better way to tell everyone how great your brand is than have some of your already devoted customers do it for you!

Here is their advert:

How to generate UGC for your brand

Since it is one of the fastest growing social networks out there, and is a fantastic platform for visual content, we have concentrated purely on Instagram for the purpose of this blog post, although UGC can also be sourced through other social networks.

Top followers

Instagram analytics can allow you to identify your most influential followers (your most followed followers). This information can be essential for your brand. These particular followers are capable of reaching many other Instagram users, they inadvertently become your brand advocates when prompted to repost your media, and they use their influence to gain visibility and leads for your brand.

Once you have identified your top followers, you can choose to contact them to organize a collaboration on an influencer marketing project, or simply follow them back and build up a relationship from there. Brand advocates are invaluable to a brand on Instagram, so treat yours well!

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To go further: we’ve put together a guide to identify and find the perfect influencers for your brand!

UGC contests

Hosting a UGC contest is the easiest and most fun way of getting your audience to engage with your brand on Instagram. A UGC contest is a competition hosted by your brand on Instagram, whereby you ask your followers to post a selfie with your product. You can ask for any type of media, but the main point is that your product is featured. All contest entries posted with the contest hashtag are saved in a database for your brand to browse and select favourites. In exchange for this, your brand offers a prize for the most inventive/funniest/most creative UGC post. This quid pro quo incites your followers to take part and in turn, you can recuperate all sorts of fantastic content that you can repurpose to your heart’s content! And what better way to promote your product than have the people who already love it promote it for you?

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