March 25, 2016 Last updated on November 24th, 2017
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In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to:

  • Set up your Instagram Ad through Facebook Ads Manager
  • Create your Instagram business account via your Facebook page settings
  • Moderate comments on your Instagram Ad via the mobile app or on desktop

IG bulletInstagram and Facebook are linked: You need to have a Facebook page to be able to set up an Instagram Ad.

For help on how to choose your Ad format options and specificities, you can use the Instagram Adverts Guide.

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To set up your Instagram Ad through Facebook, you must first select an objective for the campaign. You can choose to aim for anything from simple clicks to your company website, to event responses for a webinar.

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Once you have chosen your campaign’s objective, you can begin designing your Ad. Select a photo or a video from your device and add it to the campaign. Instagram and Facebook allow precision cropping for either Facebook or Instagram with their photo cropping tool:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.12.48

For the Ad to appear on Instagram, you must now connect your business’ Instagram account to Ads Manager. To do this, simple click on “Add an account” under Instagram Accounts.

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IG bulletBelieve it or not, you don’t actually have to have an organic Instagram account to be able to run Ads for your brand on Instagram.

Since the whole advertising process is done via Facebook, you can simply use the name of your company’s Facebook page and it will appear on your Instagram Ad (but will not be clickable).

If you choose to advertise in this way, be aware that you will not be able to comment on your Ad as a business, although you will still be able to moderate the comments left on the Ad.

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IG bulletYou can create a brand new Instagram account for your brand via Facebook page settings, on the day you decide to advertise on Instagram.

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IG bulletYou can moderate comments on your Instagram Ads by searching for engagements in your notifications on the mobile Instagram app.

Scroll down until you see the thumbnail of your Ad, then click on it to access the Ad as your users see it on Instagram. You can then choose to moderate your comments by swiping left on each comment.

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Another way of moderating your comments on your Instagram Ad is through your desktop. This is a complicated procedure but worth the hassle once you get to the page – moderating comments is so much easier on desktop!

Step 1: In Ads Manager, go to Manage Ads in the top left-hand corner.


Step 2: Select the advertising campaign you wish to moderate.


Step 3: Select the specific Ad within your campaign that needs moderating.


Step 4: Click on preview (eye icon) to visualize the Ad.

From here you will be able to moderate all comments on the Ad.


Update: Dynamic Ads are now available on Instagram

Dynamic Ads are retargeted Ads which are shown to users who have browsed a website without buying a product they clicked on, or added to their basket. The product will then show up in an Ad in the user’s feed on the platform. The Ads resemble normal product Ads on Instagram, but their usefulness comes from a different place: the user.

Instagram is following in the footsteps of its parent network, Facebook, who started showing retargeted Ads on their platform last year.

In order to set up Dynamic Ads for Facebook or Instagram, you will need to upload a product catalog and set up a pixel on your ecommerce website. Design your Dynamic Ad here.

We would love to know if these tips helped you with your Instagram Ads! Please leave us your comments below!

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