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Instagram filters can make or break an Instagram post. Choose the perfect filter and enhance your picture to the max. Choose the wrong filter and take all contrast and colour from your once beautiful photo!

Choosing the right filter for your Instagram photo can be a hard task. A: because there are so many to choose from, and B: because let’s face it, we’re not experts in photography. But we do know what looks good – to us anyway – and it seems we have picked a solid list of favourite filters to beautify our photos.

These are the 10 most used Instagram filters at the moment, starting with the most popular.

1. Normal

That’s right, the most used filter is in fact the “Normal” filter, where no effect is applied to the image at all. Not actually a filter, I know. But let’s assume this means we’re all just taking naturally stunning #nofilter worthy photos.


2. Clarendon

Second place goes to “Clarendon” – the filter that adds light to lighter areas and dark to darker areas. Colours really stand out when using “Clarendon” which makes it the perfect filter for #sunset posts.


3. Juno

In third position, it’s “Juno”. This filter intensifies red and yellow hues in your pictures, making them stand out more than the blues. It’s the perfect filter for creating a feeling of depth.


4. Lark

“Lark” is a good bet for your #nature shots. It brightens and intensifies colours but not red hues, keeping a cool feel but not washed out.


5. Ludwig

“Ludwig” is good for #architecture as it brings light and dark to all the right places, whilst intensifying the warmest colours.


6. Gingham

“Gingham” gives a vintage effect to your images, as it works by taking some colour out of the photo. A lovely filter for all your serene #selfie shots.


7. Valencia

Also making the list is good old “Valencia”. This filter will add a yellow hue to your image, making it feel like a bright, yellow lamp is shining on your photo.


8. X-Pro II

This filter is probably the least discreet on the list. “X-Pro II” adds a load of shadow and dark elements, not to mention a hefty vignette. It’s best to use this on a bright, daytime photo.

X-Pro II

9. Lo-fi

This filter adds shadows and increases saturation on photos. “Lo-fi” is a bit of an all-rounder, but is especially good for all your #food shots.


10. Amaro

Just scraping the list is “Amaro”, the filter that brightens the middle section of the image, creating an aged effect. It can make bold photos look vintage and #horizon shots appear almost dreamy.



Be sure to check out our 8 steps to taking the perfect Instagram photo. You’ll be a pro in no time!

What is your favourite Instagram filter? We’d like to know!

Emily Lydon

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