April 23, 2014 Last updated on August 19th, 2020
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Today is a very special day for our community and our team. Today Statigram becomes Iconosquare!

Since May 2011 our platform has improved significantly and our community has grown up to 8M registered members including all the most important brands worldwide such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, KLM, etc. Originally strictly focused on the analytical aspect we have made Statigram the world’s leading analytics and marketing suite for Instagram thanks to your precious feedback and suggestions.

As of today Statigram is no longer only about analyzing your performance on Instagram it is also about managing your activity and engaging your community. That’s why we have decided to change our name and become Iconosquare. We believe this name perfectly reflects the way our platform has evolved over the last few years.

Iconosquare is the place where images gather, the place where visual content matters. Our name and our logo have changed but our platform remains the same and you will still be able to access all the features you’ve enjoyed so far.

If you enjoy our platform please help us spread the word and take a second to share this post with your community. 😉

See you soon on!

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Romain Ouzeau

Romain Ouzeau

Romain is the CEO at Iconosquare, based in Limoges/Berlin. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to describe the list of his responsibilities. He’s also the owner of Nova, the cutest puppy in the world, and he sometimes loses passports as a hobby.

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  • Nhils says:

    Oh well, okay. But you kinda lose the connection with instagram then. Hmmm

  • PhoenixP3K says:

    I really enjoyed Statigram, and I’ll continue to enjoy Iconosquare. Name does feel longer… I guess the snapshots will update with the new name as well. Take care!

  • 3stag says:

    Tbh I kinda like where this is going, however, you might be loosing the Instagram aspect. Statigram I knew, even before visiting that it would be instagram. Now, it sounds like a separate social site all together. Anyways, good luck. Looking forward to what you come up with next!

  • andy leeming says:

    Cut the bullshit, Instagram introduced into their API terms that apps could no longer use the word ‘Gram’ so apps like Statigram are having to rebrand.

    • andy leeming says:

      Hence why Webstagram rebranded to Websta this week too. Coincidence? 😉

      • David James Yonehara says:

        This is the answer I was looking for. Thanks, Andy.

        I was concerned that Statigram was bought out or changing directions. I’m glad it was just a naming convention issue.

      • andy leeming says:

        1. The smaller website probably don’t care or 2. Haven’t got round to rebranding yet.

        Regardless, Statigram and Webstagram have both rebranded due to the new API terms. Fact.

        • Galvanix says:

          Yeah, I’m surprised it made it this long. In my experience, a good rule of thumb with stuff like this is to keep the name un-related so you don’t end up getting sued.

      • Gilles Dezeustre says:

        Of course you’re right. Like Instacanvas had to rebrand to Twenty20 a while back…. Good luck to iconoquare, statigram served me well, but avoiding the mention of the bullying by Instagram in the PR is kinda silly, as if this wouldn’t be the most talked about issue here? This is WHY you changed your name.

    • And now all the images are loading. I had that issue before, now it’s gone … coincidence? ;D

  • Blogrope says:

    Yes i love this iconosquare

  • Philip Louie says:

    Great that you’ve kept the original system intact. I love to see my stats!

    • グッチ 都玲 says:

      Yep. The stats are the most important part. If you remember the social music sharing site, Imeem, it crushed all others because of the dashboards they created so that our stats were visualized over time. So impressive. Of course, MySpace bought the site and killed it and there hasn’t been anything like it since… for free at least.Hopefully, this will stay free and they can continue to milk money away from “he most important brands worldwide such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, KLM, etc.”

  • Mikester99 says:

    What will happen to statigram RSS feeds? I have 100s of statigram RSS feeds in my reader – will I have to change them all? How long will the statigram feeds continue to work for?

  • Mike Longhelt says:

    Did you ever find a resolution for this? I am having the same problem.

  • グッチ 都玲 says:

    And now it is no longer free. Great knowing you, Iconosquare and hope you are able to generate profits off our stats!

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