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Want to learn how to schedule Instagram posts? Then you’re in the right place.

Last week, I think I heard the sound of ALL social media marketers around the world rejoice, as Instagram announced they were finally making automatic Instagram scheduling possible. No more anxiously checking your phone waiting for a notification that it’s time to post! Hallelujah!  🙌 Since most social media managers have A LOT on their plate and struggle with long to-do lists, an automatic Instagram Scheduler is a real savior.

However, with that comes a few questions.

Which Instagram scheduling tool is the best out there? What requirements do you need to look out for? And how exactly can you schedule Instagram posts for automatic publishing?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to use Iconosquare’s Instagram Scheduler for automatic publishing, save precious time, and grow your following!

Note: Only Business Profiles can schedule Instagram posts. If you still haven’t activated Instagram for Business, read this article to learn about the benefits and finally make the switch.

How to schedule Instagram posts with Iconosquare's Automatic Instagram Scheduler

First things first…

Four reasons to schedule Instagram posts:

1. Time is money. Scheduling content is one of those tedious tasks that take away precious time, which is better spent on other —better! — things, like improving your Instagram strategy, researching new hashtags, learning about Instagram analytics, monitoring your Instagram metrics, building an engaged community around your brand, etc.. So if you’re looking to save time, it only makes sense to schedule your Instagram content with an automatic Scheduler.

Honestly. Would you rather waste an hour of your day, every single day, scheduling and posting stuff online, or take an hour per week to do it all in one bulk and focus on other things?

2. Another reason to use a Scheduler lies in the fact that you can also focus on writing better captions. Captions can make or break your Instagram game, and yet many write them on the fly, so that their captions don’t sound considered enough. It’s a rushed process.

However, if you plan your captions ahead of time, you’ll not only be able to come up with something better, but also improve your workflow, as there will be fewer interruptions during your day as a social media manager.

3. In addition, one other reason to be using a Scheduler is that it can help you develop a better hashtag strategy.

Iconosquare has a very useful Saved Captions feature, where you can save and group pre-researched hashtags according to their theme. So, if you’re rotating a specific content mix, it will be only two seconds to select the hashtag group you need and add it to your post.

Again, not only does this save you heaps of time, but also increases the reach of your posts, too. Hashtags, as we know, are an important discoverability tool on Instagram. If you want to be seen, you gotta use ’em! Just remember to switch up your hashtags and make sure each and every one is a good fit for your post.

Saved Captions in the Instagram Scheduler

4. And finally, one last reason to schedule your Instagram posts is that you can see how your feed will look ahead of time. The useful Instagram Feed Planner lets you preview your feed in advance, so that you can drag images around to find that perfect balance for your images. This can help you create a well-paced layout and work out your own Instagram aesthetics, which is oh so important if you want to get more followers.Instagram feed planner

Now that (I hope) you’re convinced that you NEED an automatic Instagram Scheduler, let’s move onto how to actually use it!

How to Schedule Instagram Posts
with Iconosquare’s Automatic Instagram Scheduler

1. Activating your account for Instagram Scheduling

Before you can start scheduling Instagram posts for direct publishing via your Iconosquare account, you need to enable certain permissions. It’s really easy and literally takes 5 minutes, so don’t fret.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Iconosquare Dashboard and go to the Scheduler section
  2. Click the green banner link that says “Unlock direct publishing (CLICK HERE)”
  3. Click “Enable Instagram direct publishing”

Et voila!

Here’s a quick vid to show you how easy it is:

How to schedule Instagram posts with Iconosquare AUTOMATICALLY

Having done that, you can now move on to the next step:

2. Scheduling Instagram posts with an Automatic Instagram Scheduler

When scheduling your content for Instagram, you need to follow specific image guidelines. Make sure that:

  1. The file size is 8MB max
  2. Min resolution: 150×150 (lower resolutions will be scaled up to the minimum)
  3. Max resolution: 1920×1080 (higher resolutions will be scaled down to the maximum)
  4. Format is JPEG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIFs
  5. Aspect ratio range is either 4:5 (portrait) or 1.91:1 (landscape). You can resize your images directly in the Scheduler Tool.

Also, keep in mind that you currently can only schedule Instagram posts — not videos, not carousels, and not Stories.

How do you schedule your Instagram posts?

Glad you asked!

1. Return to the Scheduler —> Click “New Post”. OR, click on any day & time directly in the calendar, preferably on the yellow stars which indicate your best time to post on Instagram.

Instagram Scheduler by Iconosquare

2. You’ll have a pop-up window asking you what you want to post. For automatic publishing, choose Photo.

Automatic Instagram Scheduler by Iconosquare3. Upload your picture from your PC or media library. Click “Next”.

4. Resize your image (if necessary) to 4:5 (portrait) or 1.91:1 (landscape). Click “Next”.

5. Next step: your Instagram content.

There are few key points to remember.

First, you need to write a good Instagram caption. Then, there are hashtags to include, of course. You can research your Instagram hashtags in advance, save them in your caption library, and select the right hashtag group when you schedule your post.

In addition, you can also geotag your Instagram post and also tag other users in it. These two are important engagement tactics that shouldn’t be overlooked! To tag another user in your photo, simply click on the photo and type the username in (don’t forget about the “@”). Some goes for if you want to tag someone in the caption.

How to schedule Instagram posts with Iconsoquare

6. Finally: click “Schedule”

Once your Instagram post looks perfect, select the date you want to the post to be published.  Make sure to have the checkbox ticked for automatic posting. Finally, click “Schedule”!

If you change your mind about a post you’ve scheduled, just click into the post as it appears in the scheduler, and select ‘delete’ if you want it gone for good, or edit if it just needs some final tweaking.You can also select specific posts to schedule manually (not through the auto-poster) which allows you to give you that extra bit of control over your posting strategy.

Et voila! It really is that straight forward! 🙂  Have fun bulk scheduling your Instagram posts and focusing more of your time and attention on creating innovative and engaging Instagram content!

Over to you!
What do you think about post scheduling on Instagram? Let us know your thoughts on the new feature!

Save time and become more productive at managing your Instagram accounts by bulk-scheduling your posts in advance! Try out Iconosquare — first 2 weeks are FREE! 😉

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