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Want the low-down on getting your professional photography to stand out on Instagram? You’ve come to the right blog!

Photography makes up a huge part of Instagram – these days everyone thinks they’re a photographer! But how can you get noticed when you actually ARE a photographer and you’re trying to get business via this social channel? We’ve come up with the perfect resource for people in this exact situation:

Instagram for Photographers: A Complete Guide!

This guide includes top-notch examples from successful photographers on Instagram and is guaranteed to give you unique inspiration, while also providing you with tips and tricks to succeed as a photographer on the platform. To download the FREE ebook and fill up on fresh info specifically tailored to photographers on Instagram, simply click the button below!

Here’s a sneak peek at the ebook:

In the mean time, check out our top 4 reasons for using Instagram to show off your photography:

1 – It was pretty much created for photographers

In fact the unspoken rule of Instagram is to only post stunning images (’cause if you don’t you’re not a true Instagrammer!)

2 – It’s one of the fastest growing platforms

With 700 million users announced recently, we expect to see 1 billon monthly users on the platform before the end of 2017.

3 – It’s packed full of inspiration

You’ll find other photographers like yourself and just TONS of inspiration by searching hashtags and exploring the platform

4 – It’s simple to reach out to your target audience

Possibly the most important point if you’re using Instagram for your photography business – we explain how in the Instagram for Photographers guide!


We hope you will learn something new from this blog post and from the ebook! Let us know how you like the resource and don’t hesitate to give us your feedback!


Emily Lydon

Author Emily Lydon

Emily is an Inbound Marketer for Iconosquare, based in the Limoges office. She loves all things social and revels in keeping on top of the social media marketing game by writing for the blog. She’s also a bit obsessed with sushi, gin and Netflix.

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