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Well, it’s been a little while since we last had a major update on Instagram, after getting so accustomed to frequent changes to the platform in 2016! Today, we have news of 2 new Instagram Stories features, plus a brand new function which could prove useful for everyone… Here’s the news!

Hashtag Stories

In an announcement on Tuesday, Instagram officially introduced two new features to the Stories section of the app. The first is hashtag Stories. This new feature will allow Instagram users to discover Stories using a particular hashtag they have searched for in Explore.


Location Stories

Location Stories are an equally welcome addition to the Stories feature, permitting users to view Stories from a particular place in the world (providing location has been activated and authorized for the Story).


Users already have the option of sharing their location when posting a Story. Now, they’ll also have the choice to be included in the location Story of the location they select, or not.


Another nice surprise!

There’s always been something a little bit daunting about posting your latest image to Instagram. The caption can be edited, as can the location, etc. However the image itself cannot: once you’ve chosen your image, you’re stuck with it – or you just have to delete it after posting.

A new function which has just appeared on Instagram seems to be the answer to this problem: archived posts. Although not officially announced by Instagram yet, this feature seems to have rolled out to a good portion of Instagrammers already!


How it works:

If you decide to archive one of your posts, all you need to do is long tap it when in the grid view of your feed. It will then be added to your “archived posts” album (top right) and disappear from your feed. You can choose to reverse this, by tapping “view on profile” from your archive, and your post will reappear in its original position in your feed.

Messed up the order of your posts?

If you’re the sort to plan everything out meticulously, you’re going to love this. Iconosquare offers a Preview tool which allows you to visualize what your next post will look like in your feed, before you actually post it! Check that colors don’t clash and themes gel together, and we hope you’ll never need to use the archive feature!


Let us know what you think about these new features in the comments – we love to hear from you!

Emily Lydon

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