The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – on Monday, Instagram officially announced the launch of their updated API, which now offers exclusive insights into Stories and video analytics, follower demographics, reach, impressions and more.

However, this new, in-depth information is only accessible through third party tools (which is where we come in!). As an official partner of Instagram, Iconosquare is the go-to tool for accessing these latest insights. We’ve even been quoted in the official announcement on Instagram’s business blog which, it’s fair to say, we’re quite proud of.

So, what does it mean for you?

The latest update is a real game-changer for those aiming to maximize the potential of Instagram for branding, marketing and community building. Until now, access to key metrics has been limited, and businesses and influencers have struggled to fully evaluate their performance on the platform. It was tricky to know exactly what was working and what needed to be improved. But now, with the introduction of these advanced insights, users are able to make informed decisions about their content and fully utilize the platform.

If you’re an Iconosquare user with an Elite, Master, Corporate or Enterprise plan, and you have a Business Profile on Instagram, you can now access over 12 new KPIs, charts, and filters on the platform. These will help you understand your follower base and make strategic decisions about what and how you post on Instagram. You’ll also soon be able to toggle comments on and off, and hide the comments you don’t wish to appear on your posts from within the Iconosquare platform. This feature was introduced in line with Instagram’s goal of “keeping Instagram a safe place for self-expression.”

Here is the full list of new features available to Iconosquare users:

  • Stories insights: Analyze your Stories’ performance to optimize your editorial strategy with KPIs such as impressions and completions
  • New post insights: Understand your reach, impressions, and video performance over time
  • Demographics: Identify the main segments of your audience by age, gender, and language
  • Followers online: Know when your followers are most often online and tailor your posting strategy accordingly

Here at Iconosquare, we’re excited to be able to offer our customers a comprehensive overview of these statistics and insights, alongside existing features such as the scheduling tool and influencer search, all in one place. To access this wealth of useful info, all you need to do is log in to your Instagram Business Account when using Iconosquare – et voila! Everything you need to know about your content and your fans, right at your fingertips. Dig in to the data, breathe new life into your Instagram strategy, and watch your engagement and follower count climb!

Caitlin Hughes

Author Caitlin Hughes

Caitlin is a Content Marketing expert at Iconosquare, based in Berlin. She’s passionate about creating ROI-driven content strategies and sharing her best tips on social media marketing. She’s also into true crime, loves ‘80’s music, and spends too much time online shopping.

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