May 31, 2016 Last updated on November 24th, 2017
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A while ago, we showed you the 6 most Instagramed cities of the USA, and so, because you loved that post so much, here we are again with the 9 most Instagramed cities of Europe this time!

A major tourist destination, Europe has plenty to offer to travelers, as you will see here in the photo collages for each of these amazing cities!

So, in descending order of popularity, here are the 9 most Instagramed cities of Europe:

Try and guess who got the top spot before you scroll down!

9. Rome

With over 8.7M posts on the hashtag #rome, this city just makes the list, ranking 9th in Europe on Instagram.


credits: @aashkkoon, @from_baires, @luloc83, @konstanti_i, @trilussapalacehotel

8. Amsterdam

This Dutch city more than deserves its place on this list with over 11M posts on the hashtag #amsterdam.


credit: @daniele_lamberski, @studenttehuur, @artthermaltravel, @bhatikuldeep, @shyaynetchi

7. Madrid

The capital of Spain has racked up over 13.2M posts on its hashtag #madrid meaning the city comes in at n°7.


credits: @lucas_pipita, @suukys, @madridghosttour, @pnkanne, @sergekerbel

6. Berlin

Ranking in 6th position is the capital of Germany, with over 14.5M posts on the city’s hashtag #berlin.


credits: @flaim91, @yudayesh, @mein84, @girlonthegoca, @elvira.dns

5. Moscow

The capital city of Russia takes 5th place with over 17.7M posts on the hashtag #moscow.


credits: @moscowframe, @posheveli_plotvu, @from_moscow_withlove, @moscoworchid, @studiumwien

4. Barcelona

Just missing the top 3 spots is beautiful #barcelona, with over 19M posts on its hashtag.


credits: @fhiligs, @ellestaunor, @enbicixbcn, @chano_opy, @rayramonchico

3. Istanbul

Taking home the bronze is #istanbul with a very impressive 31M posts on its hashtag.


credits: @amorvictoria, @engnrsln, @mert.korkmaaaz, @jjianni, @oday_kahlawy

2. Paris

Narrowly missing the top spot is France’s capital city, with over 48M posts on the hashtag #paris.


credits: @mademoisellekier, @tania_lifeline, @triumpheeofficial, @marocuri, @jacky_kaempfer

1. London

And taking the gold is England’s capital with an outstanding 55M posts on the #london hashtag.


credits: @claudia_grl, @troyjphoto, @conalking, @1stcontact, @zenov

So, tell us! Were you right? Tell us which other European cities you love!

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