April 14, 2017 Last updated on October 20th, 2017
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Post-Millennials, or Generation Z, have very clear ideas when it comes to their favorite social networks.

Although still only very young, Generation Z is the market of the future, so should we be taking more notice of how they’re using social media for different aspects of their lives?

We think so! That’s why we’ve rounded up these stats from all over the internet so you can judge for yourself where you should be right now on social media.

1. Today’s teens favor Snapchat as their favorite social platform 

(Snapchat 1 – 0 Instagram)

According to Piper Jaffray’s study on teen internet preferences from Spring 2017, 39% of U.S. teens polled said Snapchat was their favorite social network, and 23% said they preferred Instagram which came in second position. Twitter and Facebook follow at 11%, and further down the list come Pinterest (1%) and Google + who scored 0%.

2. Teens use Snapchat and Instagram more than any other platform

(Snapchat 2 – 0 Instagram)

81% of teens polled said they used Snapchat at least once a month, and 79% said they used Instagram at least once a month. The two social platforms are lightyears ahead of Twitter and Facebook, who scored respectively 56% and 51% on the same question.

3. Teens want brands to tell them about new products on Instagram 

(Snapchat 2 – 1 Instagram)

Here’s where it gets interesting: Instagram comes out on top for all brand communications for teens, with 53% of teens saying the best way to tell them about new products is through Instagram. Snapchat (42%) and Twitter (36%) are further down the list and Facebook comes out bottom with only 24% of teens saying they want brands to market to them via the platform. So Instagram is incredibly important if you’re targeting young customers: find out how you can use Instagram to market your business here!

4. Instagram’s Stories have more DAU than Snapchat 

(Snapchat 2 – 2 Instagram)

After a tricky few months following Instagram’s launch of its new Stories feature in August 2016, Snapchat has finally had to admit defeat after Instagram announced 200 million daily active users – blowing Snapchat’s recently reported 161M clear out of the water. Instagram may be the second favorite platform for teens, but it certainly has more overall users, with over 600M monthly actives on the whole network, and of those 200M active daily on Stories.

What does the future hold for Snapchat and Instagram?

To sum up, it looks like it’s a draw between Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram has a clear advantage when it comes to the number of active users on its platform, beating the whole of Snapchat just with its Stories feature. Even though at the moment Snapchat is the overall favorite for Post-Millennials, Instagram is the clear favorite for 14 year-olds.

Therefore, with that said and the current trend we can expect Instagram to catch up and even overtake Snapchat among Post-Millennials within the next few months.

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