April 5, 2017 Last updated on October 20th, 2017
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Instagram is officially rolling out its new shopping tags function to businesses in the US. In an announcement, Instagram’s Business Team stated:

“Based on encouraging early results, we’re rolling out these shopping features to thousands of businesses that sell apparel, jewelry or beauty products in the coming weeks. Instagrammers in the US will soon be able shop and browse products from these businesses from posts in feed, on profile and in explore.”

What are shopping features?

These posts, originally announced in November, allow customers to click on each individual product. Doing this lets users view additional details such as prices and product shots. If the customer decides to purchase a product, they simply click through to the website and add the item to their shopping cart. The purchasing process is sped up as there is no need for searching.

5 Tips Every Marketer Should Know About Instagram Shopping Tags!

After being tested by 20 American brands, select U.S. retailers and businesses who use the commerce platforms BigCommerce and Shopify will now be able to tag their products within their Instagram posts. So, the first thing to do if you’re in the U.S. and would like to begin trying out shopping tags would be to begin using one of these e-commerce platforms, if you don’t already.

On top of being in the U.S. and using one of the e-commerce platforms cited above, you also need to meet these criteria to get access:

  • You must be converted to a Business Profile
  • You must sell apparel, jewelry or beauty products
  • Your account must be in English

If you meet the criteria, you can expect to see shopping tags become available to you within the next weeks! If not, you can join Instagram’s waiting list and wait for the feature to become accessible to you.

Will you be making the most of this new feature for your business?!

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