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Instagram is a place for creativity, a place for business and a place for inspiration. With over 700 million active monthly users, from amateur to professional photographers, it’s a goldmine of beautiful and powerful imagery. To show you what’s out there, we’ve compiled a list of 23 inspiring Instagram photographers you should be following, each chosen from Iconosquare’s Influencer Index, for their thought-provoking and inspiring photography.

If you’re interested in photography and beautiful, quality images, you need to be following these guys!

23 Inspiring Instagram Photographers You Should be Following

1. @ronan_donovan

A post shared by Ronan Donovan (@ronan_donovan) on

With a mix of nature shots and portraits, photographer Ronan Donovan shines a spotlight on the nature of our ever changing world.

2. @helloemilie

Scrolling through the picture-perfect Instagram feed of Emilie Ristevski, you’ll find stunning landscapes and a color palette that beautifully captures the seasons. You’ll want to grab a camera and head off an adventure yourself!

3. @_tuck4

A post shared by Takashi Yasui (@_tuck4) on

Get a glimpse of the real Japan with Takashi Yasui’s shots of Tokyo fashion, cityscapes and temples.

4. @citronsyra

Danish travel photographer Fredrik Nystedt uses the platform to share his inspiring portfolio, featuring photography from The US, Asia and Europe.

5. @anandavarma

A post shared by Anand Varma (@anandavarma) on

Who doesn’t love to see animals in their natural habitats? This beautiful and intriguing Instagram feed, from National Geographic photographer and science lover Anand Varma, has everything for those who want to admire the natural world close up!

6. @ichmiles

A post shared by Cal (@ichmiles) on

Cal of @ichmiles is currently making his way around Europe, and thankfully, we get to follow him on his (very photogenic) journey. His feed is packed with stunning shots of architecture and landscapes from Berlin to Palermo that will inspire you to follow in his footsteps.

7. @rawmeyn

Rugged mountainscapes, hauntingly atmospheric and rich with texture, form the theme of Roman Koenigshofer’s Instagram feed. Check out the view from some of the tallest peaks in the world!

8. @neverforgetthosedays

Also wandering around Europe, camera in hand, is travel photographer and self-proclaimed ‘global citizen’ Kirsten Michalski. Take a look at her meticulously curated feed that captures the finer details of some of the best-loved cities on the continent.

9. @anasbarros

Who better to capture the sharp lines and soft curves of the buildings we inhabit than a former architect? Ana Sampaio Barros shows us the charm of a variety of spaces, from marble museums to narrow city streets.

10. @alexhonnold

A post shared by Alex Honnold (@alexhonnold) on

Are you ever guilty of making big plans, only to slip back into your comfort zone? The Instagram feed of adventure rock climber Alex Hannold might be just what you need for a boost of motivation. Key takeaway: be fearless!

11. @laetitiamodine

From one extreme to another, the Instagram feed of Laetitia Modine is a picture of calm and serenity. Soft hues of blue, purple and pink, and a focus on natural textures, creates a soothing yet visually striking feed.

12. @scott_kranz

A post shared by Scott Kranz (@scott_kranz) on

There’s an element of the mystical in Scott Kranz’ work, which features starry skies, flowing streams, and (it’s becoming a bit of a theme here), breath-taking mountain views. Just stunning!

13. @ben_moon

A post shared by Ben Moon (@ben_moon) on

We can’t decide what we love more about photographer Ben Moon’s feed: the striking black and white portraits of friends, mentors and fellow photographers, or the adorable photos of his dog! Take a look at his feed and decide for yourself…

14. @jercollins_com

Feeling artistic? Head to the Instagram feed of Jeremy Collins, where you’ll find a collection of impressive black and white hand-drawn pieces interspersed with inspiring landscape photography.

15. @elenahight

A post shared by Elena Hight (@elenahight) on

Pro snowboarder Elena Hight has a few tricks up her sleeve, both on the slopes and on Instagram. Her feed is a collection of snaps and videos of her doing what she does best, which is sure to inspire you to try out that black run on your next ski trip!

16. @christianziegler

If you want to know what the world looks like from a tropical biologist’s point of view, look no further than the feed of Christian Ziegler. His close-ups of beautiful but sadly endangered animals are a real eye-opener.

17. @vutheara

A post shared by VuTheara Kham (@vutheara) on

The intensity of VuTherea Kham’s photography make it easy to imagine you’re really at the scene of the shoot. Kham plays with perspective to give a unique view of France, Peru and Russia to name a few!

18. @daviddoubilet

Never underestimate the power of photography. In the words of David Doubilet, “Photography has the power to celebrate, educate, honor and humiliate”. His most recent posts capture and celebrate the hidden world of our oceans – prepare to be blown away!

19. @brianskerry

A post shared by Brian Skerry (@brianskerry) on

Another National Geographic photographer is in our list of most inspiring photographers you should be following on Instagram. Brian Skerry also explores the mystery and beauty beneath the ocean, creating stunning portrait style photographs of sharks, dolphins and seals up-close.

20. @geminatrix

A post shared by Heather Cole (@geminatrix) on

Photographer and content creator Heather Cole portrays the bright lights and bold colours of England’s capital city to create a captivating, atmospheric feed.

21. @owright

A post shared by Owen Wright (@owright) on

In between tearing up waves and living the family life, pro surfer Owen Wright manages to curate a brilliant Instagram feed. With a mix of personal photos and surfing shots, his feed is a mix of ‘aww’ and ‘wow’!

22. @isaacsjohnston

It seems that an adventurous approach to life and an inspiring Instagram feed go hand in hand. ‘Adventure Evangelist’ Isaac Johnston lives for the outdoors, and has a talent for capturing the very best moments of his travels.

23. @michaelgiroux

A post shared by Michael Giroux (@michaelgiroux) on

Last but by no means least, we have LA/Seattle based photographer Michael Giroux. Giroux’s portfolio sits at the intersection of fashion, portrait photography and contemporary art. With a fresh, modern aesthetic, this feed is a firm favourite.

We whole-heartedly recommend these accounts to you if you’re looking for wonderful Instagram pictures!


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