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As you know, 2016 was packed full of news and stories on Instagram. Updates to the platform, changes and new features were plentiful and we’ve been working hard to keep you up to date with all the latest tips and tricks on your favorite social network!

So we’ve put together a list of your top 10 posts you loved on our blog this year to remind us all of of the best Instagram topics we covered.

In case you missed any of the new features brought out this year, here’s our round up video recapping all the major updates in 2016!

In reverse order of popularity, here’s your top 10:

10. How to Create Engaging Content for your Instagram


Creating quality content can be hard work, especially if you’re working solo. You may be having trouble finding inspiration for posts, let alone actually crafting them… And you could be wasting your valuable time looking in the wrong places. You’re probably also finding it hard to produce large quantities of posts to share with your followers on Instagram. That’s because creating quality takes time!

9. “At Least 40% of Comments on Brand Instagram Posts are Fake”


Whilst pondering the possible reasons for wanting to turn off comments on Instagram, we had a thought which rang true (for us in any case). A lot of the comments we receive are fake, in the sense that they have no connection to the post they’re made on – more than likely because they’re posted automatically by Instagram bots. We checked the comments posted on the 10 latest Instagram posts of some top brands, and we came to the conclusion that on average, at least 40% of the comments we saw were unauthentic.

8. Insights & Iconosquare: The perfect Instagram Analytics Combo

instagram analytics

As a marketer on Instagram, you have more than likely been wondering if there are any benefits to paying for analytics to keep an eye on your performance and growth as your business progresses on the platform. And the truth is, apart from tell you which analytics platform is better than another, no one actually ever tells you how to use them so that YOU get the most added value from them. In this guide, we walk you through using a combination of Insights and Iconosquare, to help you get all the information you need about your account.

7. Are Instagram Stories Killing Engagement on Traditional Posts?


All of us over here at Iconosquare really love the concept of getting to see ephemeral, ‘daily life’ photos in the same place as (but separate from) the high quality, sight-for-sore-eyes stuff that is the average Instagram account. HOWEVER, we did wonder whether the arrival of Stories would hurt engagement on the platform – which is currently 58 times higher than engagement on its parent network, Facebook. Instagram has grown from the ground up in the past few years, and always has been based on a clear value: beautiful photography. So, the adding-in of a completely different feature, based on a totally different value is great. But do the two really go together? We thought it important to find out what effects Stories are having on Instagram.

6. 9 Ways to Stand Out as a Fashion Brand on Instagram


Since the announcement that Instagram is going to be gradually introducing shopping facilities onto the platform, smaller brands may be wondering how they can stand out from the crowd now that the competition for social selling is hotting up. We’ve come up with this list of 9 ways you can stand out as a fashion brand on Instagram. Although aimed primarily at fashion brands, these tips can in fact be applied to most areas, and were designed to lend a helping hand to smaller businesses who are feeling the struggle to stay relevant and exciting on Instagram.

5. 3 Cunning Ways Fashion Retailers use Instagram


Instagram has always been a fashion-friendly space, and from the beginning, retailers wasted no time in making their mark on the platform. Female fashion in particular is positively booming on Instagram, so we wanted to find out how they use the network to gain followers, up engagement and increase their popularity via the platform. Here are 3 cunning ways fashion retailers use Instagram to boost their engagement and encourage sales.

4. Instagram users Spend 6 Hours per Month on the App


Earlier this year, KPCB published a report on 2016’s Internet Trends. For our blog, we focused on the Instagram related statistics, and we weren’t disappointed.

3. How to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing your Business

Instagram Stories for Businesses

When you’re a huge company, you don’t always have to be first. You don’t always have to be innovative. Sometimes, you need only to be forward-thinking enough to see where the market’s going and react. At times, reacting can even mean “stealing”. This was the case recently when Instagram lifted the idea for their new “Stories” feature directly from Snapchat. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom openly admits that Instagram “borrowed” the idea for Instagram stories from SnapChat.

2. How to Zoom on Instagram (app and desktop versions!)

Instagram zoom is now available

Ever dreamt of being able to zoom on Instagram? The frustration is over! Instagram announced yesterday that you can now zoom in on photos and videos within the app. Here is how it works. As a bonus we will show you how to do this on the desktop version as well.

1. Advertising on Instagram: Open the Door to Small Business Success


Instagram’s growth over the past 6 years has been phenomenal. The platform has evolved fast and in fact it has become a place for more than just photo sharing. It’s now also a place for business… And where there is business there must be advertising.


Thanks to all our readers who made this list possible!

Instagram Quiz (not for the faint hearted!)

If you think you know all there is to know about Instagram, do the quiz and find out your score!



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