January 6, 2020 Last updated on December 3rd, 2020
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Wondering how to respond to your Instagram DMs on desktop?

For a while now, it’s been possible to reply to Instagram DMs on desktop, avoiding the need of being on your phone 24/7.

While Instagram is a mobile-app only, it’s nevertheless possible to post on Instagram from PC and, as of late, manage your Instagram inbox from your laptop, too. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it’s about to roll out the ability to receive and respond to Instagram DMs from your Facebook Page Inbox.

So if you’re looking to learn how you can efficiently manage your FB, IG direct messages and comments from one single, unified location, keep reading! 💪

How to Reply to Instagram DMs on Desktop

Reply to Instagram DMs on Desktop

How to respond to your DMs through Facebook Pages

As a brand residing in the realm of Instagram, it goes without saying you’re on Facebook, too. Facebook’s new “unified” Pages inbox lets you manage your Instagram DMs and comments directly from your Facebook Page.

Just go into your Facebook Page and click on Inbox in the top menu and you’ll see the Inbox Manager for both FB’s Messenger and Instagram Direct:

Reply to your Instagram DMs on desktop through Facebook

As you can see, you get notifications of all kinds, i.e. when someone writes a message request or just mentions you in their Stories (which is easy to overlook). You can reply to these messages right away. On the right-hand side, you also see quite in-depth information about the person/brand who reached out to you, which is valuable for those businesses nurturing leads and contacts on Facebook.

If you click Add Details, you can also add a phone number and an email address. Additionally, you can also create a label for your contacts (i.e. Customer Support, Partnerships, etc.) to help yourself stay organized:

Manage Labels for your Instagram leads

Apart from managing your Instagram DMs on desktop this way, you can also reply to comments on your Instagram posts.

Just click on Comments & More on the left side and you’ll be promptly redirected to comments management section. There, you can filter between the Unread, Main, Follow up, Done and Spam. (Note that this filtering is enabled for Instagram posts, not comments — which would have been more helpful, in my opinion, but oh well.)

Manage Instagram comments from PC

Great thing about this is, though, that you won’t miss your “request” messages anymore! Everything appears depending on when the message was sent to you.

How to reply to Instagram DMs in Creator Studio

While Facebook’s new Pages inbox has been out and about for quite some time now, the update came to Creator Studio quite recently.

If you use Creator Studio, you’re now also able to respond to all of your Instagram DMs on desktop, alongside FB messages and IG & FB comments.

Here’s how to access this new feature.

First, open Creator Studio via this link. Once you’re logged in, you should see an inbox section. As you click, you’ll be prompted to connect your Instagram account. (Note that you have to stay in the “Facebook” section for that.) Click on the “Inbox” button: if you manage multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts, the Creator Studio will ask you to choose which one you’d like to manage now:

Choose profiles from Creator Studio

Once you’ve selected the appropriate account, you can view and respond to all your Instagram DMs from the Instagram Direct tab:

Manage your Instagram DMs on Desktop through Creator Studio

You can also respond to your Instagram and Facebook Page comments — just tap on Facebook or Instagram below “Comments & More” and you’ll find a live feed of new comments from both!

Bonus tip:

The “Automated Responses” feature offered in the Creator Studio is something worth trying out. There, you can create messages that would get automatically sent out depending on the trigger you chose: e.g., when a user interacted with your brand, or shared info about it, or wrote you a DM when you’re out of office, etc. Some (but not all) of these automatic responses are available for Instagram, too, so you can finally begin experimenting with messaging automation on the platform!

Create automated messages on Instagram

What this new integrated inbox means for brands & businesses:

On the one hand, having your inbox brimming with messages from both Instagram and Facebook is great because it means that people are interested in contacting you, are engaged with your brand and are generally interested in you.

On the other hand, though, splitting your attention between both Facebook and Instagram messaging platforms (and other platforms, too!) can get overwhelming. In addition, lots of these messages do go in the “Request” folder, which makes it easy for them to be overlooked.

So now, being able to quickly respond to all comments and messages from one single location is a massive game changer. Especially during busy sales times (like Christmas or Black Friday, for instance), having an option to help you speed up your workflow and facilitate better communication with your audience can be a real life-saver.

But looking beyond that, the new integrated inbox hints that Facebook has bigger things on its mind. A while ago, The New York Times reported that Facebook’s ultimate plan is to integrate Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram messaging platforms, most probably with the intention of bringing all three under a single roof.

While this plan is still in its early stages of implementation, Facebook’s new unified, singular inbox might be the first step taken in that direction.

Over to you!
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