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In an effort to make the platform as user-friendly as possible, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom has announced that warning notices will be appearing over posts which feature sensitive content.

Sensitive Content Warnings

The warnings will literally cover the content meaning that users who are sensitive to certain issues will not be unpleasantly surprised when confronted with a post. These posts are not forbidden by Instagram’s guidelines, but could be distressing to some users.

Posts that are considered to be of a sensitive nature by other users on the platform can be reported to Instagram for verification.

From there, Instagram’s review team decide whether or not the content is sensitive and if so, a warning is placed on the post. So warnings will really have to be a team effort to protect sensitive users! If you see a warning on a post marked as sensitive, simply tapping on the overlay will display the original post if you wish to see it anyway.


Two-Factor Authentication

Along the same lines, two-factor authentication – which was originally introduced over a year ago – has finally been rolled out to every Instagram user. The feature enables users to add an extra layer of protection on their accounts, to prevent hackers from gaining access.

In order to activate two-factor authentication if you haven’t already, go to your setting and select Two-Factor Authentication.

Then, you’ll need to tap Require Security Code and add your phone number.

You will receive a security code via text message: type the code into the Instagram form. Instagram will ask you to save your backup codes to your camera roll.

Doing this will allow you to always have the codes to access your Instagram account, even if you were unable to receive a backup code via text message.

Two-factor authentication comes in handy when you access your Instagram account from a different device or an IP address which is unfamiliar to Instagram. You’ll be asked for a security code (like the one you received via text message) to confirm it’s you. If you fail to provide a valid security code, you’ll be locked out of your account. Sounds pretty safe to me!

Actually, Facebook and Google have had this system in place for years, so it’s a really good step for Instagram to take in order to protect its users. We would definitely suggest activating two-factor authentication to avoid your Instagram getting hacked!



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