November 15, 2018 Last updated on February 22nd, 2019
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We all dream of having a perfectly planned out social strategy, backed up by figures and driven by precise goals. But what if I told you that one or a mixture of Instagram analytics tools could be the answer to your prayers?

Instagram analytics tools are becoming essential for those who want to step up their Insta-game, as they help you plan your feed, schedule content, discover your best time to post, learn useful insights about your audience, monitor your Instagram metrics, and much more. (The list can go on forever, really.)

With that comes the question: Which Instagram analytics tools should you consider in 2019?

God knows, there are many.

That’s why, I’ve compiled a list of 8 best Instagram analytics tools, their main features and pricing, to help you claim your social media superpowers in 2019.

8 Instagram Analytics Tools
You Should Consider in 2019

Instagram analytics tools to consider in 2019

1. Instagram Insights

Now, before we embark on the journey of choosing the best Instagram analytics tools out there, ask yourself: have you taken full advantage of Instagram’s native analytics yet?

Native Instagram analytics can be found in the Insights tab, in the top right corner of the app. There, you can find an overview of your profile activity, content performance, and audience stats.

Native Instagram Insights is a free Instagram analytics tool

These basic insights give you a quick overview over the status of your Instagram marketing strategy, and tell you whether your content is hitting the sweet spot — or missing it completely.

Native Insights have several drawbacks, though. For starters, it only shows you analytics for the last 7 days, and it’s impossible to get a historical overview of your content (unless you manually keep track of it in a spreadsheet). Plus, Insights aren’t available on desktop, which can be a pain if you need to measure and report KPIs.

That being said, Instagram Insights are available for free (IF, and only IF you have an Instagram Business account — don’t tell me you still haven’t converted?!), and we all love free. So if you’re still new to the Instagram analytics game, it’s a great place to start in 2019!

But if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, keep reading. 😉


UNUM is more of an app than a standalone analytics tool, but it does offer some Instagram analytics that come in handy when using UNUM’s main functionality: Instagram theme planning.

However, if you’re looking for a quick, easily digestible, on-the-go overview of your content performance, UNUM conveniently combines two in one. It provides you with the Top 10 posts (based on likes and comments) over the period of a week/month/and all time (depending on a plan). It can also tell you your best time to post based, again, on the average number of likes and comments that your posts are getting. Finally, it also has follower count and sentiment tracking features, which can be interesting if you’re looking to find out the overall “mood” on your brand’s Instagram.

Instagram analytics from UNUM

Best for: Feed planning + quick “on-the-go” stats

Free trial: Not available

Price: Analytics is available only on the Elite Plan, which costs 6.99 USD/month

3. Iconosquare

When you say Iconosquare, you mean everything. From Instagram competitor and hashtag performance tracking, to Instagram Stories Analytics, to comments’ management, to reporting, Iconosquare is the all-round Instagram analytics tool. We don’t mean to brag, but let’s be honest: no list of Instagram analytics tools would ever be complete without Iconosquare.

Iconosquare’s Instagram analytics also allows you to look much further back into your past data than the native Insights — or most other Instagram analytics tools, for that matter — so that you can determine your KPIs and track your growth with much more confidence.

A particularly useful feature that Iconosquare offers is the direct Scheduler with built-in, data-driven suggestions for your best time to post on Instagram, which allow you to optimize your posting strategy and see higher engagement on your media.

Best for: All-round, in-depth analytics

Free trial: 14 days, no credit card required
Price: Basic plan starts at 29 USD/month. Get a free trial here.

Iconosquare is one of the top Instagram analytics tools out there

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows its users to make data-driven decisions about engaging, strengthening and growing their audience across social media channels. Instagram analytics is just one of its many offerings.

Like Iconosquare, Sprout also allows you to dive into individual hashtag performance, audience insights (such as their location), and performance reports. The presentation-ready reports can be exported with a mere click, which is super helpful if you need to present stats to your clients or show your boss your latest Instagram achievements.

Sprout Social is one of those Instagram analytics tools that provide useful reporting for social media managers

Best for: Analytics
Free trial: 30 days
Price: From 99$/month

5. Later

Later has a special focus on visually planning and scheduling Instagram posts. But it also provides basic analytics to its users, such as Top 5 best-performing posts, or your profile’s growth (over the period of 3 months only).

On more advanced plans, Later also offers hashtag suggestions and shows you your best time to post.

Best for: Scheduling
Free trial: Not available
Price: From free to 49$ USD/month

Analyze your Instagram content with Later

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a scheduling, managing and reporting platform for social media. It connects to (drumroll, please!) over 35 social networks (I know 😮), including all the big giants: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and, of course, Instagram. So if you’re managing multiple brand accounts across multiple social platforms, this could be the tool for you.

As an Instagram analytics tool, Hootsuite offers robust analytics in terms of posts published, follower growth, engagement, and a breakdown of sentiment by messages your Instagram account receives.

Hootsuite Instagram analytics

A pretty neat addition lies in the ability to promote your content on Instagram directly from the platform. First, you’d need to create a Facebook ad and select a placement on Instagram for it to be shown both on Facebook and on Instagram. If one placement performs better, Hootsuite dynamically allocates more of your budget into a better-performing placement, thus helping you reach more people.

Best for: Round-platform account management
Free trial: 30 days, credit card required
Price: Starting from 25$/month and going up to 499$/month for agencies

7. Planoly

Planoly’s biggest offering lies in, well, planning. Like UNUM, it helps you arrange the look of your Instagram feed with an easy drag & drop feature, and mostly focuses on the visual planning of your Instagram. And as you schedule your content, you can preview your feed in real time on the left side — convenient to say the least!

When it comes to analytics, Planoly offers a basic overview for a 30-day period. It compares your content’s performance in terms of comments and likes received and provides a gained/lost follower count. On top of that, there’s a basic comments’ management section, which gives you a list of all comments (and actual usernames) that you can reply to without logging into Instagram.

Planoly offers a visual planner, Instagram Scheduler, and basic Instagram analytics

Best for: Visual planning
Free trial: Not available
Varies from free to 159$/month

8. Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest- and Instagram-focused management tool. As an Instagram analytics tool, Tailwind’s basic plan provides a rather comprehensive visual overview of your engagement scores, daily follower growth, likes growth, comments’ growth, etc. On a more expensive plan, the platform gives you a sneak peek into your top followers, uncovers what’s hot on Instagram right now with trending posts, and offers hashtag monitoring. It also has a peak days analytics feature, which gives you recommendations on your optimal posting times. Note, however, that all stats are based on the period of the last 30 days.

What Tailwind stands out with is it’s amazing Chrome extension. Once you install it, you can easily schedule any content you have on desktop with a simple click. So if you’re sourcing stock images for your Instagram, collecting user-generated content, or are looking to repurpose content from your website (Tailwind will fetch your meta-description as a caption), Tailwind is the perfect tool.

As you source your images, you can save and queue them in the Scheduler, pick a time slot (seamless drag and drop), write your caption, select hashtags, and have your media posted on Instagram automatically (no carousels or Stories, though). What’s also useful is the built-in Grid preview, which allows you to see exactly how your feed will look like once the content gets out on Instagram.

Tailwind is an Instagram analytics tool, as well as a Pinterest analytics tool

Best for: Scheduling
Free trial: Free basic plan
Price: From 14$/month to $799.99/month to unlimited


Decisions, decisions! I know, this is a hard choice as there are so many great Instagram analytics tools on the field.

If you’re struggling to choose a tool that will fit your needs, my advice is to figure out which of your needs is the greatest. Is it content planning? Is is scheduling? Is it reporting with hard numbers? Then, select a tool that does that one thing really well. And don’t be afraid to use multiple tools to get what you need, when and if you need it!

Want to save time managing your Instagram presence? Try Iconosquare, and start scheduling your content, monitoring your efforts, and tracking competitors — today!

Join the social revolution, try Iconosquare.

What Instagram analytics tools do YOU use?

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