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By now, you’ve probably got to grips with Instagram analytics, and have found yourself looking for something more. You want to dig a little deeper into your analytics to really understand your performance and track your growth. Am I right?

But the truth is, apart from tell you which analytics platform is better than another, no one actually ever tells you how to use them so that YOU get the most added value.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through using a combination of Instagram Insights and Iconosquare, to help you take your Instagram marketing game to the next level.

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Iconosquare’s Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram Insights

If you’re using Instagram for business purposes, the chances are you’ve been approved for a Business Profile. A Business Profile looks like this:

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Apart from the ‘Contact’ button and the company address in the bio, the profile page doesn’t look too different to a normal Instagram profile. Except for the fact that the Business Profile also includes a hidden stash of juicy information for marketers to get their teeth into: Instagram Insights.

Insights are stats regarding your Instagram account. Instagram provides businesses with the following Insights about their account:

  • Impressions this week
  • Reach this week
  • Profile views this week
  • Clicks to website this week
  • Information on posts
  • Information on followers


Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide


This kind of information is valuable if you’re an Instagram marketer. Having said that, the graphs and charts provided by Insights are, unfortunately, not that detailed. We don’t get the exact number for each bar on the age range chart for example, and we can’t modify the date ranges so have to make do with “this week”. Furthermore, the fact that these Insights are only available on mobile limits us somewhat in terms of visualization of the data.

    Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide


Iconosquare Analytics

“Paying attention to your insights with tools like Iconosquare & IG Insights will help you have more success on Instagram. Knowing when your target audience is active on Instagram helps you stay top of mind & get the attention of those you are meant to serve & do biz with.”

Sue B Zimmerman – Instagram Expert & Business Coach

Iconosquare can offer an array of analytics and marketing insights into your Instagram account,  building on the data provided by native Instagram analytics. Curious to discover more detailed stats that will boost your results, without having to do the legwork? Here’s how to use Instagram with Iconosquare for maximum impact:

A desktop platform

Iconosquare is at home on your desktop. This simple difference makes visualizing all your data on a large screen possible, and really easy! All the key stats are right there for you once you click ‘Overview’ under the Analytics tab in the sidebar to the left of the screen.

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Custom time period selection

Iconosquare allows the selection of a custom time period which, once selected, will apply to all of your displayed data. This means you can get info on a particular day/week/month in the blink of an eye. You can find the date picker in the top right hand corner of the screen, just below your profile icon.

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Follower growth

Everyone loves seeing their community grow. With Iconosquare you can see that evolution at the drop of a hat. You can find out how many followers you gained and lost on specific days/weeks/months, and even go back in time and check out your data from the day you signed up for an Iconosquare account.

This kind of data is really useful for understanding which type of posts work well with your audience – and which don’t! Maybe you’re losing followers after sharing a certain type of image. Or, maybe your follower count has dropped after changing the tone of your caption. If so, you’ve got some actionable data to work with! You can find all this info in the ‘community’ section, under the Analytics tab.

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Community stats

Thanks to geolocated media, Iconosquare can tell you where in the world your followers are. Not only that, you can also learn more about the makeup of your follower base, such as the percentage of your followers that fall into the ‘influencer’ category. On the Iconosquare platform, an influencer is defined as those with a 40+ followers/following ratio. However, keep in mind that due to changes to the Instagram API, you are unable to get an overview of who exactly follows or unfollows you (any app or platform offering you this is going against Instagram’s T&C’s!).

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide


“When it comes to growing an Instagram account you need to be able to measure whats working. We’ve used Iconosquare to be our number one tool for analytics to grow our Instagram account from 0-850k+ followers in 18 months.”

Nathan Chan – CEO & Publisher, Foundr Magazine

Best time to post

Iconosquare gathers data from your Instagram activity to tell you on which days and at which times you’re getting the most engagement on your posts. So, you no longer need to keep track of every single posting time manually! Head to the engagement tab under ‘Analytics’. Here, your most successful time slot is displayed as a bright pink circle with a star in the centre, with the black circles denoting your regular posting times. Experimenting with a few different posting times, and then sticking to the most successful ones, is a sure-fire way to boost your engagement!

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Engagement rate

Under the engagement tab, Iconosquare shows you your engagement rate as a percentage for your posts during your selected time period. This gives you a clear vision of how well you’re performing at a glance, as well as which content is the most engaging for your followers. This will help you to really deliver relevant and interesting content to your audience as part of a well-researched strategy.

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hashtag tracking

Tracking hashtags can help you to see how well your business’ hashtag (or any other hashtag you’re interested in) is faring on Instagram. You will find out the evolution in number of posts, the most liked media, the location where the hashtag is used the most, and much more. You can even compare hashtags with one another to see which is more popular, and feast your eyes on the most engaging posts.

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Competitors Benchmarks

Much like the tracking of hashtags, the Competitors Benchmark feature will allow you to track other accounts of interest to you. Get insights on your competitors and any other account you’d like to get a deeper understanding of (like their engagement rate, average number of likes/comments, posting habits, etc.). Then, benchmark your business against them! You know what they say, “keep your friends close…”.

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Exports and reports

With Iconosquare, you can export your data at your leisure: so handy if you’re needing to create reports for your boss, or if you just want to dig deeper into your insights. You can even sign up to daily, weekly or monthly email reports which send a personalized overview of your performance straight to your inbox (and your boss’ if you wish!).

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

“Understanding our Instagram audience is essential to our growth as a brand. Analytics on Iconosquare help us learn not only who our key demographics are but also when and how our content resonates with them. This allows us to constantly optimise our messaging and continuously learn from our own content. Beyond analytics, the select features that allow us to follow certain people give us the ability to be deeply engaged with our dancers whilst still following a broader network.”

Ally Deacon – Social Media Specialist, The Australian Ballet

Instagram & Iconosquare: Perfect Allies

Bear in mind that most of the information provided by native Instagram analytics is separate to the info you can find on approved analytics platforms. Only Instagram can provide you with very particular information about your account, as 3rd party access to Instagram’s API is limited. However, the stats provided by Instagram’s insights are incredibly minimal when compared to the scope of specific, historical data you can get your hands on with an analytics platform like Iconosquare. Getting the best of both worlds would mean combining the two!

Instagram Insights are particularly helpful in terms of demographic data and being able to compare engagement in relation to reach and impressions. Combined with Iconosquare’s ability to track follower growth over time and daily reporting capabilities, using the two analytics tools together helps us to best understand how to position our best content in front of the right audience at the right time.”

Elle Drouin – Content Marketing Strategist, Wonderfelle Media

Iconosquare's Instagram Analytics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now you know where to find the data you need to skyrocket your success on Instagram, why not check out these 6 common Instagram myths? They might just surprise you!

Thanks for reading guys! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog post. Did these tips help you to better manage your Instagram analytics?

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