August 26, 2019
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Looking to download Instagram videos directly to your computer or phone? Then you are at the right place.

Whether it is a tutorial featuring the recipe of a delicious vegan avocado brownie, the latest talk of your favorite motivational speaker, or the first steps of your nephew,  all these Instagram videos equally deserve to be downloaded in order for you to share them or even just play them offline later, on your device of choice.

While there is a whole bunch of apps offering the option to save a video on your device, keep in mind that these aren’t Instagram approved apps. If you want to stay on the safe side of things, there’s a way to download Instagram videos risk-free.


This article will show you the exact steps 😉

So carry on reading, as this guide will show you several ways to download Instagram videos to Android, iOs, and PC.

How to Download Instagram Videos
(A Very Functional Guide)

How to download Instagram videos

Before we begin, keep in mind that it is illegal to download copyrighted content without obtaining permission from its owner first.

If you are looking to save somebody else’s video in order to share it on your own feed, you must always make sure to give credit to the owner and to contact him/her beforehand (this is a rule of thumb for any type of repost, not just videos). This way, you will be able to reuse the content you are interested in, and taking the time to grant this authorization is not only just a good habit to make, but also prevents you from getting in trouble for copyright infringement. The owner of the media will also most likely be flattered to be contacted about a visual content s/he created, and seeing that somebody is finding it interesting enough to repost it!

If you ever are in doubt, you can always refer yourself to Instagram’s copyright policy before reposting any content from other users.

Now that you’re aware you always need to stay on the safe side (if you haven’t already), let’s get to the nitty-gritty details: the steps you have to follow in order to download a video from Instagram to any device.

Ready to nail it? Then let’s go!

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1. Download Instagram videos to desktop

The first method would be to manually download a video from Instagram to your desktop, from any browser. For this, you’ll have to look for the source code of the media. Not to worry, it can easily be found by a little inspection of the video page from where you will be able to extract the download link. It will then allow you to store it to the location of your choice, making it easier to play and replay off-line and to reuse the content – always with the permission of the owner as previously mentioned of course.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open your browser and display the video you are looking to download in a new tab:

To download Instagram videos to desktop, open the image in your browser first

2. Right-click on it and select Inspect. It can also be found under View Page Source depending on your browser.

Download a video from Instagram on desktop, second step

3. Click Ctrl + F to open the Find option and enter .mp4. You should see a section of code in the search results. Locate the link starting with src= which should look like this:

Download a video from Instagram on desktop 2 min

4. Copy the link and paste it in a new browser tab. You’ll see the video displayed there, ready to download. Once the video is playing, right-click and select the option Save Video As

Download a video from Instagram on desktop 3 min

The video will be saved to whichever folder you choose on your desktop, which makes it accessible anytime, even offline. From there, it can be sent to any device as well, including your mobile phone. Speaking of which, the next point will take you through a method specifically focused on downloading videos for mobile devices.

2. Download Instagram videos on your mobile

First things first, let’s see how to download Instagram videos to an Android device. If you’re an iPhone user, skip here.

2.1 Download Instagram videos to Android

One handy thing on Android is that as soon as you watch a video from either your browser or via an app, it will be saved automatically on your device. You’ll then just have to retrieve it from your file manager where it is stored. The steps below will help you to complete this:

1. Watch the video you are looking to download from Instagram from either your app or desktop version on your phone. Note that only the part that you’ll view will be saved, so you would have to make sure to watch the entire video if you are looking to export its complete version.

2. Next, open your File’s Manager on your device.

3. Go to Android → Data and type in the search bar.

Android file manager

4. Then, go to Cache → Videos. All the videos you played on your mobile device from Instagram will be here with a .clean extension. Note that they will be listed in reverse order, with the most recent videos viewed and uploaded to the top of the list.

5. Set the video file extension to MP4. instead of .clean. or open it as a video in order to watch it anytime, even offline. This video will remain available from this section as long as you do not clear your cache.

Hot tip: sourcing a video from your Android phone can be a complicated process sometimes, so taking a simple screen recording actually makes the whole process easier. A handful of apps that can help with this, the most known available on Google Play are Video Downloader, Instasave, Fastsave, +Download 4 Instagram as per the screenshot below:

Android third Apps to download videos from Instagram

2.2 Download Instagram videos to iOS

The download process from an iPhone is rather tricky, and Instagram unfortunately doesn’t allow downloading Stories and videos from other users.

That said, you can still use the workaround described below as an alternative to download the content you need from Instagram to iPhone. In this specific case the only possibility you have is to record the video you need by using the native iOS screen recording tool. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Control Center and press the Record button.

2. The record will start after the 3-second countdown begins recording.

3. To end the recording, open the Control Center again and tap the red circular Record button to stop.

iOs native screenrecording

The final video will be stored in your Camera Roll as indicated while recording. As a bonus, this method will also allow you to save Stories to your iPhone!

Hot tip: A lot of free apps are available on the Apple Store, it can also be an alternative to consider if you are looking for a quick and easy way to download video. I tested a few of them but would recommend Downloadgram or Instadownload, both efficiently doing the job.

3. Download your own Instagram videos to both Android and iOS

When you create a video Story on Instagram, you will have an option to save it to your Camera Roll, including any edits you’ve made (such as the addition of gifs, stickers, etc.).

To do this, simply click on the download button at the top right corner before you post it on Stories:

Download a Story from you own account

You can still download your own Story once it has been published, too. To download your already published Story media, click on the three little dots at the bottom right of your screen and choose either Save Video to download the video without the previously applied filters and edits or Save Story if you’d like to keep it with edits including filters and stickers. Whatever you select, the media will be stored to your phone gallery.

How to download a Story from your own Instagram account min

If you want, you can also have this process automated. In order to do this, go to your Instagram app and head out to Settings → Privacy → Story Controls and select the option Save to Camera Roll. Each time you will publish a Story, it will automatically be saved to your phone gallery.

Option to automatically save your stories to your gallery

4. Use a third-party app to save Instagram videos to both Android and iOS

If none of the above techniques are your cup of tea, you still have the option to use a third-party app in order to download videos in a glance. Using third-party apps remains to be the most straightforward solution, especially given the fact that there are many available on the market both for iOS and Android. However, do note that none of these videos-saving apps are official Instagram partners, so them requiring access to your phone’s Camera Roll and you granting them access to your data might affect your privacy.

I would recommend you to try one of the previous methods described above rather than using third-party apps, but the choice is ultimately up to you!


Using third-party apps to download Instagram videos might sound like a safe bet, and yet you will have to grant access to your data to unofficial services and risk losing some of your digital privacy. So while doing it yourself from a PC, Android or iOS requires a little more knowledge — which you now have — it will help you stay on the safe side of things when downloading videos from Instagram 💪

Over to you!
Have you tried any of the methods above to download Instagram videos?

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