February 1, 2019 Last updated on February 14th, 2019
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Wondering how to get more Instagram followers in 2019?

You and about a billion other people!

You know by now that the number of followers you have on Instagram isn’t everything. In fact, the level of engagement you achieve on your posts and Stories is much more important than that.


It’s sooo nice to see that follower number grow, right?!

So let’s just cut to the chase. Here are my 3 tips on how to get more Instagram followers this year.

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019

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Tip #1: Be as active as possible on the platform

First things first. It’s important to make sure your expectations are realistic. Commenting and liking other people’s posts and expecting every single one of them to follow you back before embarking upon a beautiful and fruitful follow-for-follow adventure with you, for example, is unrealistic. 😅 But being active and visible is essential none-the-less.

Although it’s something we all already know about, it can sometimes be hard to stay as active as we mean to be on the ‘gram. So set yourself achievable goals so you don’t get frustrated and feel as though you’re falling behind. Rather than setting a number of interactions as a goal or (even worse!) a number of followers gained, try setting an amount of time per day to spend interacting with the Instagram community. Just 10-15 minutes is sufficient to create a connection and make a difference!

While being active and interacting on Instagram is great, you also need to think about your own content: it’s not enough to bring people to your account if there’s nothing for them to interact with. Take a good look at your captions and ask yourself: is this engaging content? Most of the time there is work to be done — unless you’re already rocking it, in which case, class dismissed! 🤙 You can (and should!) use CTAs to incite your existing followers to engage, which in turn will lead to better visibility on the platform. Why not try asking your audience a very open question in your next caption?

Here’s a great example from @cathkidston. So simple, and yet so effective!

get more instagram followers

More ideas to get more Instagram followers in tip #2!


Tip #2: Get interactive with Stories Stickers to encourage engagement

We all know how great Stories are for sharing snippets of our daily life with our Instagram communities. But did you know you can also use Stories to interact with your community?

Interactive stickers exist for that very purpose. Circling back to the question idea mentioned in tip #1, you can use the question sticker to ask anything you like, and even use it to ask your community to ask you questions in response, just like an AMA on Reddit. Response levels are very high on this type of sticker in Stories, so you’ve nothing to lose there!

Here’s a great example by @sitka_:

get more instagram followers

Another great sticker you can use is the vote sticker. What better (or easier) way to get your engagement rate to go through the roof than by asking your community to vote on something… anything? I mean it, if you’re short of ideas, asking your audience to help you choose which coffee to order is totally legit with this sticker! ☕

Here’s an example of a poll sticker used by @justataste in her Story. Such a simple request to help her decide which flavor banana bread to make next was transformed into an interactive experience for her viewers:

get more instagram followers

Finally, if you’re wanting to interact with Stories, make sure you post regularly enough to be eligible to show up in the queue at the top of the user’s screen upon arrival in the app. Posting something every day is a good way to remain present and top-of-mind. The thing to remember here is: to get more Instagram followers, you need to reach out to them in a way which is interactive and fun. If you need inspiration for your Instagram Stories, just check out this post!


Tip #3: Appeal to your audience’s sense of humor!

Are you funny?

Doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be.

2019 is, among other things, the year of the meme! I challenge you to find me a person who has never laughed at a meme. People identify with this type of content so, if your brand and tone permit it, you should definitely be utilizing these emotional tactics to get popular faster. Need I say more?

Here are some great examples from @tank.sinatra and @girlboss. Tank’s post is undeniably funny and is a lighthearted subject that most people will be able to relate to, while Girlboss’ post is more on a professional level, keeping things real but at the same time making people laugh — proving that you don’t have to be silly to be funny!

get more instagram followers     get more instagram followers

Pulling at your audience’s heartstrings and making them laugh all at once is a surefire way to get more Instagram followers. Laughter is good for the soul! I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep seeing this kind of content crop up in their feed?

get more instagram followers

Don’t forget to use the appropriate hashtags for all the new content you’re posting, to make sure you’re showing up in search results and getting your account out there and noticed!


Hope these tips help you get more Instagram followers on your way to Insta-greatness — be sure to let me know how you’re doing!

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