December 18, 2014 Last updated on July 3rd, 2018
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Last year you have been more than 2M to enjoy our year-end video. So we’ve decided to do it once again, for everybody’s sake!

We are glad to have you all as members of Iconosquare, and we are very happy to offer you your Best Instagram Moments of 2014.

2014 has been an exciting year for the Instagram community. Throughout the year we’ve all had a great time sharing pictures and videos on Instagram.

To do so in the most beautiful manner we have released an exclusive video snapshot that features your five most-liked Instagram posts of 2014. We made it so you can share it with your own community on Instagram (don’t forget to use the hashtag #memoicono).

To claim your video snapshot all you have to do is sign-in on Iconosquare and request it (the video will be emailed to you).

Here is Iconosquare’s 2014 Best Moments in video:

What do you think about this video snapshot? Have you claimed yours yet? Please leave your comments below.

In order to make it smoother for you in case of problems, we have also created a FAQ regarding the #memoicono 2014 video.

How to: Get your #memoicono video – Best Moments 2014

How to: Save and post your “Best Moments” video

In case of: Troubleshooting #memoicono

If you encounter any issue please visit our support desk and find the answers you were looking for!

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Anthony Clasen

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