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There’s nothing like the words “quantitative data” and “Facebook analytics” to pique your interest and set your heart aflutter, right? Right? Just me? Okay, so understanding and analysing your metrics on Facebook is hardly the most exciting task in the world, but it’s absolutely essential to adapting your strategy and improving your performance on Facebook, from engagement and reach through to sales and ROI. Finding the best Facebook analytics tools for the job can really make a difference to this sometimes overwhelming task – you don’t want to invest hours picking through native insights data every week or month.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the 13 Facebook Analytics Tools to check out (before!) 2019, just in time to start afresh and make even better, data-backed decisions to reach your goals.

Want to see which tools made it on the list? Then keep reading!

Facebook analytics tools to check out in 2019

First up, I’m looking at paid Facebook analytics tools (basically any that don’t include a free plan). For the marketers amongst you who need to keep to a generous budget of 0, scroll down for tools that offer completely free and still fabulous plans.

1. Social Status

Social Status is a social media analytics suite for all of the main social channels. It consists  of 4 core products: Profile Analytics, Ads Analytics, Competitor Analytics and Influencer Analytics.  In a nutshell, here’s what can you do with Social Status:

  • Track your engagement, growth and clicks against competitors and industry averages on Facebook and other social channels
  • Track the performance of your posts, campaigns and your content pillars
  • Find the optimal days, times, frequencies and media types to post on Facebook
  • Quantify the business impact of your social media marketing.
  • Track the ROI from your Facebook activity
  • Benchmark performance against industry averages
  • Track and benchmark your video content across all key social platforms including Facebook

Social Status tags your content and competitors so you can analyze the performance of different content pillars and campaigns. You can also create keyword rules and tag multiple posts at a time.

The Dashboard offers you access to live social data 24/7 as well as data downloads CSV, PDF or PowerPoint PPTX format. You can also add your colleagues or clients to the account so they can share post tags, receive email reports and see insights.

Pricing: from $49 p/m for a ‘Social Manager’ Plan, to $199 p/m for a ‘Marketing Team’ Plan

2. Union Metrics

Union Metrics provides marketing analytics for building an effective social strategy across multiple platforms.

You can utilize their social media reporting to adjust your campaigns as they’re happening with real-time insights, discover trends to capitalize on new conversations as they emerge, and prepare campaign reports for your boss or for your clients. As a Facebook analytics tool, they allow you to:

  • Compare the performance of your paid and organic content
  • Measure engagement across all of your pages
  • Learn what posts your audience engages with most (and which they engage with least)
  • Track your Facebook fan growth and page reach over time, and get detailed demographic reporting.

Facebook analytics tools Union Metrics

Pricing: from $49 p/m for a ‘Social Manager’ Plan, to $199 p/m for a ‘Marketing Team’ Plan

3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the leading social media analytics tools for Instagram and Facebook on the market, and is an official Facebook marketing partner. It provides best in class analytics, along with content management and scheduling tools, that allow you to evaluate and improve your social media performance and boost your ROI. Ideal for brands, business and agencies, Iconosquare’s Facebook analytics platform allows you to:

  • Measure your community growth
  • Discover followers’ and fans’ languages, locations and demographics
  • Measure impressions and reach on your profile and posts
  • Discover your best time to post and optimize your strategy accordingly
  • Measure different types of engagement on your Facebook posts – likes, comments, views, reactions and more
  • View and sort your best-performing posts by likes, comments, engagement rate, reach, views and more
  • Track your business competitors and compare your performance with theirs. You can access deep insights for each of them – follower growth, posting habits, most used hashtags, top performing media, etc.
  • Export your data in PNG, PDF, SVG, CSV, XLS formats and have them automatically sent to your inbox

Facebook analytics from Iconosquare

Pricing: A “Pro Plan” costs 29€ p/m (billed annually), “Advanced is priced at 59€” p/m and if you’re an agency, you can contact Sales for tailored pricing to suit your needs. Sign up for 14 day free trial here first, to test it out!

4. CoSchedule

One of the most popular Facebook analytics tools out there, and all-round social analytics heavyweights, is CoSchedule. These are some of the key features they offer:

  • Get an overview of real-time data and track your social performance across multiple profiles so you know what’s working
  • Receive performance reports that help you review your Facebook strategy
  • Compare similar social campaigns or posts side-by-side to test what’s working (and what isn’t), so you can continually fine tune your messaging for your evolving audience
  • Easily re-promote your best social messages with Top Message Analytics
  • Generate understandable reports that show the value of your work

Pricing: CoSchedule offers a range of plans for individuals, businesses and agencies. For solopreneurs and bloggers, there’s the referral programme which has no monthly fee. The business plans start at $60 p/m billed annually.

5. Sprout Social

Another hard-hitter in the world of Facebook analytics tools is Sprout Social. Sprout Social offers performance reporting, social listening and insights, and advanced analytics. With Sprout, you can:

  • Gain valuable insights by tapping into social data to perform quantitative, qualitative and contextual analysis of keywords, hashtags and topics
  • Measure fan growth and determine if it’s being influenced by content performance
  • View a snapshot of your content mix to see how often you’re sharing links, photos or videos
  • Dig into post-level Facebook Insights — including likes, comments, shares, reach and engaged users
  • Easily access total and average Page impressions by day of the week
  • View impressions by post type and understand how they are being served
  • Leverage impression data by location, age, and gender to better target future posts
  • Customize presentation-ready pdf reports with your own logo

Facebook analytics tools Sprout Social

Pricing: Premium plans start at $99 per user per month, with Corporate starting from $149 pu/pm and Enterprise from $249 pu/pm. All plans include a free 30-day trial.

6. Amplifr

Amplifr is a social analytics and scheduling tool that offers single post stats, daily stats, and an analytics dashboard for the most popular social networks. What makes it one of the top Facebook analytics tools? Well, Amplifr shows which content converts better and helps you adjust your schedule based on that performance data. You can:

  • See if your audience liked the post and how much revenue it attracted
  • Get an overview of your daily content hits and misses
  • Gather metrics into weekly reports for the bosses. They compose and send weekly analytics digests to you and your clients, and prepare detailed Excel reports (if that’s what you want!)
  • You can group social accounts into an unlimited number of projects and switch between them seamlessly

Amplifr calculates which posts have gained more user engagement and attract more users to your site by connecting to your Google Analytics account and grabbing data goals. To measure each post’s performance precisely, they add an additional URL tag each posts link and then group conversion and traffic stats from GA by that tag. Simple but effective!

Pricing: 2 weeks free trial with plans starting at $5 dollars per social account per month

7. Quintly

Next up: Quintly. Quintly gives you performance insights, advanced analytics and competitive benchmarking for a number of social channels. When it comes to Facebook analytics tools, Quintly is up there with the best. So, what can it offer exactly?

  • Display and analyze Facebook Insights data to make sense of your performance
  • Analyze fan demographics and monitor how many new fans you gain and when
  • Discover your best time to post
  • Get Extensive reporting related to your Facebook ads: You can get an objective or creative distribution of your ads, their reach, and other vital metrics to help you calculate ROI
  • Customize and arrange metrics on flexible dashboards that exactly fit your social media goals
  • Improve your ad results with data on paid performance through Facebook analytics, and integrate relevant paid data into your overall analyses
  • Get recurring, automated reports in any widely used formats

Facebook analytics tools Quintly

Pricing: from 100 € per month (billed annually) for a ‘Small’ plan, 255 € for a ‘Medium’ Plan, 480 € for ‘Large’, with custom pricing for enterprise clients

8. Rival HQ

Not only does Rival HQ offer Facebook insights (alongside Instagram and LinkedIn analytics too), but it also has a dedicated Facebook ads analytics feature that can help you identify your top and worst performing ads. This way, it can help you target your audience more accurately to improve the overall impact of your ads – and ultimately get more bang for your buck. Here’s what else you get with Rival HQ:

  • Dig into exactly who your fans and customers are and how they’re engaging with your Facebook content
  • Strengthen your social ad performance with comprehensive data and automated insights
  • Boosted post detection: Rival HQ will show you if a competitor boosted a Facebook post so you can react quickly or copy a successful strategy
  • Create custom dashboards to generate the right visualizations and reports
  • Automatic generation and delivery of any and all reports
  • Simplify collaboration by giving everyone on your team their own login and email settings

Facebook analytics tools RivalHQ

Pricing: Their “Drive” Plan starts from $169, with the “Engage” Plan at $299 and the “Engage Pro” Plan at $425 billed annually.

9. Grytics

Grytics is an analytics tool specifically for monitoring and optimizing the performance of Facebook groups. Facebook groups are an increasingly popular way for marketers to reach their audience and get their Facebook content seen, but just like with the feed, you need to take a strategic approach to get results from your Facebook group. So, how can Grytics help you do that?

  • Using posts and comments distribution, Grytics makes it possible to know when your group is most active so you can work out your best posting times
  • Measure group engagement and activity across the board
  • Grytics gives you a ranking of all group posts based on the engagement they generate, so you can benchmark your posts and understand which makes your community react and interact
  • Download and customize performance reports
  • Export all content and comments from your Facebook group
  • Manage all your Facebook groups easily in one place

Pricing: Premium Plans start at $11 p/m billed annually, with their most expensive “Global Plan” costing $125 p/m

10. Social Pilot

Have you heard of Social Pilot yet? It’s a LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook analytics tool that offers a complete overview of what’s going on with your Facebook page. You can also schedule and manage your content within the tool, but with our focus on analytics, let’s check out what you get with Social Pilot exactly in that regard:

  • Get a clear overview of how many fans and followers you have, the number of posts you posted, total engagement on your posts, and much more
  • Compare data with previous periods to see your progress
  • Understand the daily/weekly/monthly growth of your Facebook audience by tracking new likes and unlikes. Also understand if new fans are acquired organically or if the acquisition was a result of paid campaigns.
  • Great a detailed, periodic breakdown of complete audience engagement
  • Discover how each and every post performs. Understand what content reaches the most audience and which posts get the most likes/reactions, comments and shares. Reshare your most successful posts right from Facebook analytics page.
  • Find out who your most active fans are and get a list of top commenters, top likers and top sharers.
  • Download reports are full of graphs, charts, in-depth Facebook audience insights and much more

Facebook analytics tools Social Pilot

Pricing: Individual Plans are billed at $8.33 p/m with Agency Plans starting from $66.66 per month (billed annually). You can try a 14 day trial free of charge.

Free Facebook Analytics Tools

11. Seekmetrics

Seekmetrics is a totally free social media analytics tool that provides Instant insights on any profile, track followers and unlimited reporting. It offers access to up to a years worth of historical profile data for Facebook and other social platforms. If you’re looking for a Facebook analytics tool that presents you with all the essential data in one place, Seekmetrics is a great option that won’t break the bank.

What Facebook analytics does Seekmetrics offer to the busy Social Media Manager?

  • Tracking of top posts, daily interactions, daily engagement rate, top reactions, and your overall growth rate on Facebook
  • Facebook Follower growth tracking
  • Facebook Reporting: you can easily export your data into CSV, XLS, JSON and PDF formats.

Facebook analytics tools Seek Metrics

Pricing: Completely free 🎉

12. Wiselytics

Wiselytics is an analytics and reporting tool for Facebook and Twitter, offering both free and paid plans. With Wiselytics, you can:

  • Track your best performing posts
  • Review your content performance by category or topic
  • Compare your Facebook analytics with those of your competitors and check your performance against the benchmarks (paid plan)
  • Monitor and moderate your Facebook community through the platform.

Facebook analytics tools Wiselytics

You can get a free plan, which offers weekly updates and data from the last 70 days, or go for the paid plan to get data history from the moment your page was created, as well as daily data updates. A paid plan also includes ‘high-priority’ email support and the option of a dedicated account manager for large scale social media projects. Both plans let you add unlimited social profiles and unlimited user accounts.

Pricing: Free Plan or Enterprise Plan with pricing on request

13. Cyfe

Cyfe is social analytics tool that also goes way beyond social. Cyfe also has Google Analytics, Salesforce, Xero, Quickbooks, Adwords, and dozens of prebuilt integrations that give you easy-to-use, real-time dashboards for all of your marketing and sales purposes. But of course, we’re just focusing on Facebook analytics tools for now, so the question is, what can they offer in that department?

  • Quick & easy automated Facebook reporting. Download or schedule email reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and CSV formats.
  • Monitor your top performing messages, media, & posts
  • Measure all key social stats such as engagement, likes and fan growth in one easy dashboard
  • Plan and manage all of your social campaigns and maintain a clear overview of your progress across all channels (Facebook included, of course)

Pricing: Free Plan or Enterprise Plan with pricing on request.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you’ve found the right tool for you to stay on top of those metrics and whip your Facebook strategy into shape. I’ve covered quite a mix of Facebook analytics tools in this post, but bookmark this page as the list is always growing. And if you have any to add that haven’t been mentioned, just leave a comment below 🙂

Over to you!
Which Facebook analytics tools do you use?

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