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There’s a question that (surprisingly) still pops up from time to time – namely, “should I convert to an Instagram business profile?”. It’s still the case that some brands and businesses believe that switching from a standard profile to a business profile might put their account at risk of lower visibility and engagement. And obviously nobody wants that! However, there’s absolutely no proof that converting to an Instagram business profile will have a negative impact. In fact, there are plenty of reasons that, if you’re marketing your business on Instagram, you should have a business profile.

Why It’s Time to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

Why It’s Time to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram first confirmed it was testing business profiles in early 2016, and since then, the number of business profiles on Instagram has soared. By November 30th 2017, 25 million businesses had converted to an Instagram business profile! So there must be something in it, right? Here’s why so many businesses have made the switch:

1. You get access to valuable insights

Only business profiles get access to key metrics such as impressions, reach, website clicks and profile views on the Instagram app directly. With a business profile, you’ll also have access to insights about your audience, such as age, gender and location, which are a great starting point for building and evaluating your Instagram strategy! With these insights, you’ll be able to see how your content on Instagram is performing, and figure out exactly what your audience wants to see.

Why It’s Time to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

2. You can advertise on Instagram

Whether you want to grow your followers, boost brand awareness, promote a campaign or generate leads, Instagram advertising is definitely worth considering. After all, ad recall from Instagram ads is 2.8x higher on average than ad recall from other social networks.You don’t need a huge budget to run successful ads – what you do need, however, is a good understanding of your audience, great visuals, snappy copy and, you guessed it, a business profile! With an Instagram business profile, you can apply budget to existing posts and turn them into ads, or you can build an Instagram ad from scratch through Facebook Business Manager or AdEspresso.

Why It’s Time to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

3. Converting to an Instagram business profile means you’re easier to contact

With 80% of people on Instagram following a business account (Instagram 2017), you can definitely make the case that converting isn’t going to do you any harm. And, with such a huge potential audience, you want to be able to harness your visibility and make your business easy to contact. Good news, then! An Instagram business profile allows you to display key contact info such as your email address, your actual address (if you’re a brick and mortar store) or and/or your phone number within the mobile app, making it easy for potential customers to learn more about what you have to offer and contact you with the click of a button.

Why It’s Time to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

4. You might have the option to become verified

A verified profile is one which Instagram has confirmed is the official Instagram profile of the person, brand or business represented, as opposed to a fan account or a fake ‘scam’ account.

Why It’s Time to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

You might already know what to look for to check if an Instagram profile is verified: verified profiles have a little blue tick next to the profile handle – usually, these blue ticks are found next to the names of celebrities with millions of followers, and well-established brands that are already household names. Ok, so if you’re a smaller business, getting verified is actually pretty tough, and there are no hard and fast rules that you can follow to ensure you do actually get verified. However, if you haven’t converted to a business profile, you’ve already taken yourself out of the game!

Why would you want your profile to be verified?

  • A verification badge provides credibility and proves to visitors that you’re the real deal. This could be really helpful if you have problems with copycat accounts pretending to be the official Instagram of your brand or business.
  • Leading on from the above point, visits to your Instagram profile will increase with the verification badge, as visitors know to choose your account as opposed to any copycat accounts. And more visits = more traffic to your website/more engagement/increased brand awareness.
  • Verified accounts often get access to newly released Instagram features first, so they can produce fresh and relevant content that packs a punch before their un-verified competitors even have the features.

Ultimately though, it’s not something you can ask for. You just have to wait for Instagram to verify your profile. So give yourself the best possible chance by converting to a business profile and focusing on growing your Instagram account.

How to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

To get started, you’ve got to activate your Business Profile option in Instagram settings. As mentioned, this will give you access to Instagram Ads and Instagram Insights (aka ‘native analytics’), and also enable you to add contact buttons to your profile.

It’s really simple – to convert to a business profile on Instagram, all you need to do is go to Options —> Business settings —> Switch to Business Profile.

Why It’s Time to Convert to an Instagram Business Profile

Bear in mind that your Instagram business profile has to be connected to your Facebook business page, so make sure you have one set up before you begin the process. As you set up your Instagram business profile, Instagram will display your business category as it’s set up on Facebook, so check that your settings on Facebook accurately reflect your business.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you’ve already updated your settings and you’re ready to embrace the benefits converting to a business profile will bring you. If you want to learn more about how you can utilize Instagram to boost your business, check out this article: ‘Small Businesses on Instagram: 9 Tips For Maximum Success‘.

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  • Virginia Pirlusa Martínez Derr

    Mmmm still not wanting to switch. I appreciate your posts, your advice and insights. But… Facebook grabs your wallet and doesn’t let it go. In Instagram I’m seeing LESS posts of accounts switched to bussiness, regardless my engagement with them. They priorize in my feed these type of content: 1) posts by people who is my friend in Facebook 2) people who is in my country and city. Pure geographical thing… that’s a big CON, I liked Instagram bc you could connect with other people than your boring neighborhood and family. Facebook does that. (And it’s terribly dull and endogamic) 3) ads…ADS, ADS AND MORE ADS. Those ads are mostly from my country, and since I’m a woman in my 30s an incredible amount of them are about Reiki, card reading, physics, no matter how many times I’ve marked them as a fraud, scam, spam, non interesting… Instagram isn’t doing it well, it’s doing it “alla facebook”. My thinking is: if they are showing me those ads, Instagram isn’t giving good insights to bussiness accounts! They just give them demographic data: a woman, in Buenos Aires, 30 years old. Not very relevant if you want an special profile, a CLIENT. You can reach me better with hashtags, location and writing in Spanish. Sometimes I see some ads related to my interests, probably for keywords in my bio, or hashtags, but they are less than 10% of ads. I mean it’s complicated engaging by our own, brand to client, but it’s better!! And free, free now and then.
    (I realise maybe the physics don’t know how to select and define a public, but big brands with digital MKT commit.the same mistake… that’s why I blame Instagram instead of the person setting the ad)

    • Hey Virginia 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience of Instagram advertising. It’s really interesting that you say you’re seeing irrelevant ads even after marking them as spam. It’s annoying and I know it happens to most people from time to time, myself included, but it’s surprising that it’s happening to you 90% of the time!

      With advertising, Instagram does provide detailed targeting options in the same way that Facebook does, so marketers (in theory) are able to build a detailed persona to target their ad to. You can also use the Facebook tracking pixel to re-target visitors to your site, and create lookalike audiences based on this data, so it is possible to create really specific ads. If you’re seeing spammy ads that aren’t at all interesting to you, it’s likely down to poor research and targeting on the marketers’ side, a lack of competition from other advertisers, and/or the fact that these companies behind the spammy ads have a big budget that they’re unfortunately wasting on targeting the wrong people.

      Of course, Instagram want to deliver ads that are going to convert, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already working on improving this to ensure users aren’t shown similar ads again once they’ve already marked them as spam. It’s definitely an interesting issue to look into. If you’re interested in advertising on Instagram yourself, we have an ebook that I think could be helpful:

      • Virginia Pirlusa Martínez Derr

        Thank you for your reply, you made me think. Instagram is still something “new” in Argentina, there’s no many brands with IG accounts. (People don’t have Instagram accounts neither, at least it isn’t as popular as Facebook) If the brands are few, and they compete for a tiny audience, it’s more common to show things just by demographic parameters, and I get more chances to view the same ad. Am I right?? I was in México last month, and the location related ads were indeed appropiate! Linked with my interests and certain hasthags I was using. I’ll check about the e-book 😉 thank you!!

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