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A revamp of Instagram business pages is coming soon to our apps!

According to TechCrunch and Social Media Today, a “contact” button is in testing on Instagram business pages as we speak, and should be available to all brands within the coming months.


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Clicking on a brand’s contact button takes you to a menu with the option to “Get Directions” to the business address or “Email” the business directly.


Clicking on “Get Directions” takes you to a map with a pinpointed location of the business.


What will this change mean for brands on Instagram?

We think this will change things up completely, as much for the brands themselves as for their clients and potential collaborators.

1. We know that brands don’t use Instagram in the same way as individuals, so it seems only natural that their pages would come to look different, and we think this new professional feel is just what brands needed.

2. Integrating contact details into a clickable button frees up some space in the bio section of the profile, which is limited to 150 characters. This means that brands will no longer waste their valuable bio space with contact info.

3. Referencing will be improved as exact street addresses will bring clients to the brand’s profile by geolocated request. This will make it easier for small town businesses to thrive on the platform.

4. Let’s face it, more geolocation equals better ad targeting. The more brands and users who choose to turn on geolocated posts, the better brands can get at targeting the right users for their Instagram Ads.

5. Contacting a business will get a whole lot easier, since there will be no more quitting Instagram to visit the company website to search for an email address.

We would love to know how you’ll be making the most of this new feature for your brand on Instagram! Let us know in the comments!

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  • I’m not sure I get the contact button. Most people contact you through the specific post within the app. They also want a link to your website to find out more info. I can’t see a potential customer clicking the Contact button to compose an email when they can just reach out to you in the comments below the photo. Not that I don’t appreciate improvements that help businesses. It’s pretty awesome that we have these platforms and I appreciate them.

  • Joel

    Regerstring an Instagram account as a “business” allows IG to identify the businesses from them personal accounts, giving them the power to make brands “pay to play” like they did on Facebook. This looks like it will be a good thing for local brick-and-mortar businesses but scares me as an online brand manager.

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