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The Australian Ballet is a wonderful example of just how versatile Instagram can be when it comes to content. The Australian Ballet uses Instagram to share behind the scenes moments captured by dancers and members of staff, and in doing so inspires elegance, strength and beauty to all its followers.

A few key stats:
Followers: 84.5k
Engagement rate: 5.12%
Average posting frequency: 13 media/week

We spoke to Ally Deacon, in charge of social media at the Australian Ballet, who was happy to let us in on some of the ways the company uses Instagram, and why. Here’s the interview:

#1 – @ausballet posted its first Instagram picture on the 19th April 2013. What were your motivations back then? Why did you choose to join Instagram?

We chose Instagram back in 2013 as we believed it was the perfect medium for ballet. We saw that it was on the up and up, and found it to be the perfect way to bring The Australian Ballet to a new global audience.


#2 – How relevant is Instagram for The Australian Ballet? What benefits has Instagram brought you?

Instagram has allowed us to lift the curtain on the company and share with our followers the journey we take to bring a ballet to the stage. As dance is a visual medium, Instagram gives us the opportunity to share the plethora of delicious content we capture in the studio, costume department, behind the scenes, the dressing rooms, all the way to the stage.


#3 – How many likes/comments do you aim to obtain on any given post?

Our benchmark is currently 4K on each post, however we constantly strive for higher engagement, experimenting with new and unique ways to engage our captive audience.


#4 – How do videos for Instagram benefit The Australian Ballet? Are they something you will be exploring further in the future?

The medium of film allows us to add that extra element of storytelling to our content. From the short and punchy trailers we create for each ballet to regramming the dancers clips they pull together in rehearsals – we’re able to develop a patchwork quilt of ballet moments. Traditionally video has seen a lower engagement on our Instagram channel, however not the case since ‘views’ are now featured on the feed rather than ‘likes’. This has changed the way not only the public perceive the appreciation of a video but also how we judge video success.


#5 – Do you use any particular strategies to attract new Instagram followers and keep them engaged?

We’re an extremely fortunate company and brand when it comes to the content we are able to develop for our audience – it’s diverse, lush, intriguing, beautiful and most importantly, forever changing. This then naturally feeds into our strategy of constantly tantalizing our audience and taking them beyond the fourth wall of our company. Everyone is always looking for something new on social media – the dancers, artistic team and staff are constantly giving us that.


#6 – How do you measure your brand’s influence on Instagram? What are your main KPIs? How do you track them?

We use Iconosquare on a daily basis to track influencers, our unique hashtag #ausballet, campaign hashtags and our channel growth compared to competitors. All of these elements then factor into our KPI’s and influencer strategy.

#7 – Do you use/would you consider using influencers to boost your visibility on Instagram?

Influencers are definitely a consideration for us as a brand. We are continuously striving to collaborate with fresh minds, artists and positive figures across all kinds of industries – part of that is looking into those who have high followings on social media, and more specifically Instagram. There’s no denying the power of an incredible Instagrammer in today’s world.


#8 – What are the features you like and use the most on Iconosquare?

Reporting and hashtag tracking are definitely our favourite features of Iconosquare as it feels like a one-stop-shop for insights on Instagram. We’re also really enjoying some of the fresher features on Iconosquare such as the Influencers index and competitor tracker.

#9 – What are the most inspiring brands/accounts on Instagram?

From a global perspective in the ballet world, @ballerinaproject_ is definitely one of the most inspiring – they’ve managed to take ballet to a huge audience by leveraging the aesthetics of everyday landscapes.

From a fashion and photography point of view, @markolich,

A photo posted by Mark Olich (@markolich) on


A photo posted by Gucci (@gucci) on


A photo posted by BALMAIN (@balmain) on


A photo posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on

and @vogueaustralia constantly take our breath away and inspire us.


#10 – Work aside, what are the 3 Instagram accounts you recommend following?

We can’t go past @natgeo, @vanityfair and @burberry

A photo posted by National Geographic (@natgeo) on


A photo posted by Vanity Fair (@vanityfair) on


A photo posted by Burberry (@burberry) on


A final word?

As a company, we would be nothing without out the incredible array of talent that work for us (from all of the dancers to the costumiers), and it is because of them that we are able to bring such a captivating visual tale to our kind and passionate Instagram audience.

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