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We had the pleasure of interviewing Tomislav from Croatia Full of Life!

This account makes the most of user-generated content to produce a magnificent gallery of photo moments captured in the beautiful country that is Croatia.

The account has grown enormously in 4 years and boasts an impressive 78.8k followers today, and an engagement rate of 3.52%.

Here is the interview, enjoy!

Q1 – @croatiafulloflife posted its first Instagram picture on the 12th December 2012. What were your motivations back then? What made you join Instagram?

Instagram is a perfect platform to present the natural and cultural beauties of our country to a broader audience. Furthermore, Instagram created a social revolution in promoting food and we couldn’t miss the chance to inform a broader audience about Croatia’s rich food and wine offering (gastronomy and enology).

As the platform began to give excellent results from the start, we have decided to create a strategy for better positioning of Croatia on Instagram.

Q2 – How relevant is Instagram for @croatiafulloflife? What benefits has it brought you?

Instagram is very relevant for us because in the world of marketing and photography, a picture is worth a thousand words so it provides a special channel for us to promote our products, or even present some of the untouched Croatian destinations that our fans weren’t familiar with. Instagram also allows us to provide our brand with more engagement over social platforms and that is also one of its great advantages.

Q3 – What are your main Instagram goals at this point in time?

Our main goal is to present many more Croatian destinations and to invite our fans to share photos of Croatia using #CroatiaFullOfLife. We also invite our fans to become ‘famous’ on Instagram as each week we share an Instagram Photo of the Week (most liked photo on IG) on all of our Social media. Also, we want to present hidden beaches, destinations, and events to our fans.

Q4 – What are your thoughts on videos for Instagram?

Video is a very important medium to present products of Croatian tourism and we are currently detailing new materials especially designed for Instagram. In 15 – 20 seconds we present general motives, and in 60 seconds we present short recipes, general information about a destination or some of our campaign videos.

Q5 – Do you use any particular strategies to attract new Instagram followers and keep them engaged?

Besides usual targeting and using hashtags, we tend to adjust every campaign from our Marketing department to attract new Instagram followers. In that sense, all of our latest campaigns like #SuperBowlCroatia #WorldInOneCountry and #OutOfOffice laid the groundwork for attracting new followers. We prefer being not too aggressive at attracting new followers and that strategy is working pretty well for now.

Q6 – What are the features you like and use the most on Iconosquare?

On Iconosquare we are very satisfied with the metrics it provides; statistics, hashtags, trend, contents, like rates – all of that summed up in one place is very helpful to anyone in Social Media business. Iconosquare provides a much easier way to view Instagram photos in volume and that alone saves a lot of time and work, and enables us to focus our resources and to concentrate on the creative side of our work.

Q7 – Which characteristics do you seek out when looking to follow an Instagram account?

At the moment, to follow someone we are looking for hashtags like #travel #vacation #CroatiaFullOfLife so we can determine that is the right person for us to follow. Also, we tend to follow travel influencers to get better insights into Instagram trends.

Q8 – What would you like to see on Instagram in the future?

First of all, in the future we would like to see video duration up to 1 minute and 20 seconds. Furthermore we would like to see more real time content (something like Periscope). We believe his feature would provide an area for more bonded community related to a special subject.

Also, a possibility to create albums based on destination and products would facilitate finding travel advice for Instagram users.

Q9 – Work aside, what are the 3 Instagram accounts you recommend following?

First recommendation would most definitely be Iconosquare ☺. A lot of great advice for everybody involved in Social media

The second recommendation would be @jsftravel – lots of great advice for every traveler with a broad interest in tourism.

Our last recommendation would be @domagojsever. This famous young photographer and blogger provides great photos and stories on Social Media.

A photo posted by @domagojsever on

A final word?

To sum up, all we can say to you is:

‘Don’t fill your life with days, fill your days with life!’

Come to Croatia and experience #CroatiaFullOfLife

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