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Clayton and Crume is a handmade leather goods brand which started out as a small start up business in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. We noticed that Clayton and Crume were using Instagram to promote their brand and we just had to find out more about them!

Some Insta-facts about @claytonandcrume
Followers: 10.4k
Engagement Rate: 2.11%
Posting Frequency: 2 media/week

We were able to learn more about Clayton and Crume’s Instagram strategy through this interview, and all about the sorts of vibes the brand aspires to creating… And we think they’re doing a great job!

#1 – @claytonandcrume posted its first Instagram picture on the 11th June 2013. What were your motivations back then? Why did you choose to join Instagram?

We joined Instagram to allow us a more personal social presence as compared to Facebook. Photos speak much louder than text, and sharing our brand’s story through a lens seemed intriguing.

#2 – How relevant is Instagram for brand like yours? What benefits has Instagram brought you?

Instagram has been incredibly relevant. Our clients connect with our product development time in the shop, big news about expansion/new products/etc., and business travel ventures.

#3 – How many likes/comments do you aim to obtain on any given post?

We also like to see our engagement improve, so with ~10K followers right now we aim for 250-500 likes per post.

#4 – What are your thoughts on videos for Instagram? Are they something you use a lot?

Videos are not something we have spent much time on. We would love to do a time-lapse of a belt in production or something similar, but have not fully experimented with it yet.

#5 – Do you use any particular strategies to attract new Instagram followers and keep them engaged? (Cross-media info, contests…) Feel free to mention any campaigns or contests you have/are planning to run.

Our best way to attract new followers is asking people we see at trade shows and gift markets to follow along with our journey. We interact with potential clients by liking and commenting on their posts. We search through various hashtags that we have identified as relevant to our brand and find content we genuinely enjoy.

#6 – How do you measure your brand’s influence on Instagram? What are your main KPIs?

Our main KPI’s are the engagement percentage per post, relative followers gain to competitors, as well as increased website traffic following social media posts.

#7 – Do you use/would you consider using influencers to boost your visibility on Instagram? Do you know of some good influencers in your field?

Absolutely! We would love to find brand ambassadors to use/share our products with their following.

#8 – What are the features you like most on Iconosquare?

We love the optimization/engagement features, as well as the weekly updates. Optimization has been big for us— we used to post without regard for date/time. Since we are new to Iconosquare (2 months), we have been posting at times that we identified as underutilized to gain new data points. Our hope is that over the next few months we will have enough information to clearly define which times throughout the week are best to engage our audience.

#9 – What are the most inspiring brands/accounts on Instagram?

Folk Magazine, Project Van Life, Huts and Cabins….those all inspire us to think big and live outside of the social media world.

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#10 – Work aside, what are the 3 Instagram accounts you recommend following?

1. @katefjury — This beautiful art is created by one of our owner’s wives.

A photo posted by Katherine Jury (@katefjury) on

2. @makersmovement — We are all about the local, handmade movement. This feed promotes this mission better than anyone.

3. @wholesomebeer — one of our buddies is a brewer here in Louisville and he couples the beer with the outdoors in such a way…..we can’t get enough!

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