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It’s a topic that comes up again and again in the world of social media marketing: low Facebook engagement! Due to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you need to do to get your content to show up in Facebook’s Newsfeed.

That said, good content that is tailored to your target audience’s interests can perform well organically – you can achieve great results, even if you don’t have the budget for ads or boosting posts. The success of any content campaign you run depends on the quality of the content itself, and of the strategy you have in place. And remember, engagement creates engagement! If a user engages with a piece of content on Facebook, it will either appear in the Newsfeed or sidebar feed of their friends and followers accounts (perhaps not all of them, but those who engage with the content they post).

In this post, I’ve put together a few quick and easy steps to help you maximise your organic engagement on Facebook. So, if you’re ready to energize your existing audience, generate more visibility for your page, and attract a new audience, read on!

How to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Organically

Set aside time for a Facebook Page audit

It’s time to revisit all that old content on your Facebook page and ruthlessly delete anything that is dated, ugly, or off-brand! Don’t feel bad about completely removing old albums full of photos that don’t reflect your brand well. Make sure your info is totally up-to-date. Ask yourself: is what I’m posting actually interesting? Do I really understand what my audience wants to see? If you’re not sure, the truth is in the numbers!

Whether you decide to look at the last year, or the last 3 months (a year could mean a lot of data to sift through!), you want to be looking at the fluctuation of your engagement rate and figure out what you posted when your engagement peaked – and what you did when it troughed! Having a good understanding of what is working when it comes to engaging your audience will always require a closer look at the numbers. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our step-by-step guide to carrying out a Facebook Page audit.

Think outside the box

Don’t feel confined to posting only about the product or services you sell, but take into account what else your target audience might be interested in. If you’re a fashion retailer and want to engage an audience of fashion-savvy shoppers, simply posting about the products you stock might not keep them engaged for long. Why not incorporate posts about the latest trends, street style inspiration, or lifestyle content that incorporates interior design or beauty articles? If you’re a bakery searching for ways to engage your pastry-loving followers, offer them some seasonal recipes or baking tips that they’ll find useful. Providing valuable and interesting content is a key part of engaging your Facebook audience!

How to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Organically

Working in the food industry? Tempt potential customers by giving them a recipe to try first!

Be responsive

If you want to grow your community on Facebook, you have to give some to get some. Basically, you have engage with those who engage with your content. Keep an eye on post comments and be sure to answer everyone – even if they’re commenting to complain about something! Showing your Facebook fans that you’re listening to them and value their opinion will encourage them to engage with your brand. They’ll also remember how helpful you were next time they consider buying from you!

You can also be proactive and ask questions in your posts, or run surveys or polls on relevant topics. You could ask something as simple as whether they want to see a certain feature implemented on your website! Make your audience feel valued and involved and they’re more likely to want to stick around and engage with your content.

Feature your fans’ content

Speaking of making your fans feel valued, another good way to boost Facebook engagement is to share their content. Shine a spotlight on your community by featuring content they’ve either shared with you through a hashtag campaign, or through a competition. Just pick a simple but effective theme, a prize, and a hashtag, and encourage users to get involved. This can also be a great way to generate content if you’re short on resources, but don’t rely on this entirely. You shouldn’t set too many rules or brand guidelines for UGC, because your community will switch off and feel like they’re being used for free content! Keep it light, fun and open, and watch your engagement grow.

Have a sense of humor

A sense of humor can get you through a lot, even a lull in your Facebook engagement! Don’t be afraid to show some personality. It’s important to be on brand, sure, but don’t forget you’re creating content for real people, not robots. Use the kind of language your audience is using – if you pay close attention to this, you might realise the way you’re communicating is actually too formal for social media. It can be hard to break out of the habit as sometimes it seems like a pretty fine line to tread between funny and plain rude. But embrace the opportunity to poke fun at yourself. Show your audience that you understand irony. Use a funny GIF and some emojis here and there. It’ll be fine!

How to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Organically

Fashion brand ‘Reformation’ knows humor can get you far!

Visually optimize your content (or, use nice photos!)

Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without, so always choose a photo, GIF or video to accompany your posts. In fact, build your posts around a visual element to really maximise engagement. Think about image quality, whether it’s a good fit for your brand, and if it’s the sort of image your community will like or comment on, or even share. You don’t need a professional photo shoot for an attractive, visually-optimized Facebook Page. There are loads of great stock image sites such as Unsplash and StockSnap where you can find images for free.

Reaching a good level of engagement on your Facebook posts organically is possible. Just find your angle, say something relevant and be entertaining when you post, and always prioritize high quality imagery (no blurry, unprofessional snaps!). Knowing who you’re posting for, and really inviting those people to become part of a community rather than simply feeding them content, will have a huge impact on your engagement. It takes time, but it’s worth it in the end. So, keep it at and good luck 😊

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