ice bucket challenge
How Tos

Time frame of the viral Ice Bucket Challenge on Instagram

The phenomenon of this summer was (and it’s undeniable!) the Ice Bucket Challenge. Initially went mainstream when Matt Lauer (TV anchor of Today) did it on live tv…
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Statigram is now Iconosquare

Today is a very special day for our community and our team. Today Statigram becomes Iconosquare! (more…)
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Get Your 2013 Best Instagram Moments on Video

2013 has been an exciting year for the Instagram community. Throughout the year we've all had a great time sharing pictures and videos on Instagram. Today…
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instagram direct

Instagram Unveils Instagram Direct

Today Instagram announced Instagram Direct, a new way to send photo and video to friends. Instagram Direct is already available but before you check it…
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Instagram Marketing

Why Instagram Must Remain the Kingdom of Authenticity

A couple of days ago model Miranda Kerr was accused of photoshopping her Instagram pictures to slim down her waist. Many of her followers reproached…
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