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You may have heard that Instagram now boasts an impressive 1 million advertisers, up from 500,000 reported in September. You could be thinking about becoming one of them yourself. Smaller businesses on Instagram may feel that paid advertising isn’t a priority until they grow larger, however there are many advantages to advertising on Instagram. So if you’re still on the fence, this article is for you!

If you’re wondering how to use Instagram ads, we recommend downloading this free guide to advertising on Instagram, co-published by HubSpot and Iconosquare. Thanks to the essential lessons and tips from the experts included in this guide, you’ll learn how to advertise on Instagram in next to no time. (Be sure to check out the ads experiment at the end of the guide for best practices when it comes to images and copy in your Instagram ads!)

More than half of all Instagram users follow at least one brand which is proof in itself that Instagram is a platform which can be used for business. Now is the perfect time to start advertising on Instagram if you don’t already. That’s because huge improvements have been made since the option first became available, and today, there are so many different ways of promoting your messages on the platform.

For instance, Ads in Stories is an option which was recently made accessible to all advertisers on Instagram. Stories are said to have over 150 million daily active users (which is equal to Snapchat’s user base!). That’s why ads in Stories being made self-service for brands was such a major thing – because you can’t get that kind of visibility in an ephemeral format elsewhere. What’s more, these new Stories ads can be set up at the same time as you’re setting up regular Facebook and Instagram ads. Watch this short tutorial to see how!



Instagram’s vice president for business, James Quarles, told Fortune: “Last year, Instagram began pushing businesses that had created standard profiles to adopt business-specific profiles, and 8 million businesses have done so. Instagram is able to use Facebook’s ad technology to target specific audiences.

Instagram is used by over 600 million people on a monthly basis, 400 million of whom log in every single day. So there is simply no denying the massive potential of the platform when it comes to reach and visibility for businesses. If you’re not a fan of Stories ads, you can still use the regular formats (image, video or carousel) to promote your products to a huge audience. Advertising is an important part of a social media marketing strategy, and businesses on Instagram are really reaping the benefits.

Instagram’s latest plans also include shopping on the platform, whereby users will be able to tap on a post to see the prices of the products featured. We expect this feature to have enormous success among large brands but also with smaller businesses, because of the straightforward, self-explanatory nature of the feature “tap to view products“. Also in the pipeline is a new booking feature, with which users will be able to book appointments with their favorite service businesses with a couple of in-app taps. All of these features suggest a major investment in businesses on Instagram’s part, so make sure your business doesn’t miss out!

Over to you! Have you tried Instagram Ads already?


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