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You’ve probably heard the news that Instagram is introducing ads into Stories. If you’re not all up-to-speed, watch this video to catch up!

There are a few things you should know about Stories Ads, notably how they differ from Snapchat ads. So here is our list of 5 things about Stories ads you may not know!

1. Stories ads are currently being tried out by a group of over 30 brands worldwide

Instagram stated in a blog post that the new ads are being tested by a select group of brands all over the world:

To unveil this first-ever, full screen ad to Instagram Stories, and create the most impact for businesses and Instagrammers alike, we’ll test with 30+ clients around the world, including: Capital One, Buick, Maybelline New York, Nike, Yoox, Netflix, and Qantas. With roughly 70% of watched stories being sound-on, this immersive, full screen nature creates an intimacy with people like never before.

2. Any Instagrammer with a Business profile will be able to create a Stories ad

Unlike Snapchat, who deals with ads privately, ads within Instagram Stories will be dealt with in the same way as regular Instagram ads. In essence, any user with a Business profile will be able to promote a Story as a sponsored ad. According to TechCrunch:

Stories ads will be sold on a cost-per-1000-impressions basis and priced via auction, with any length of view counting as an impression rather than needing to play for three seconds to be counted as a view (like Facebook videos).

This way of functioning is less discriminatory than Snapchat’s, and thereby opens the doors to all businesses wishing to advertise in this way, regardless of their size.

3. Stories ads are skippable

You may be wondering if these ads will be a nuisance to your Instagram community, and potentially do more harm than good. However, ads are skippable with a simple “tap” like regular Stories.

As stated above, the view will still be counted, so you’ll need to watch out when it comes to checking impressions as the number may not represent the actual number of people who viewed your ad in full.

4. Video ads within Stories can be longer than 10 seconds

As you know, regular Stories videos are limited to 10 seconds, however it will be possible to upload a longer video for a Stories ad.

For example, Airbnb (who is part of the group testing ads in Stories) is using 15 second videos for its ads within Stories:

5. There are plans to make Stories ads shoppable

According to TechCrunch, Instagram’s VP of business James Quarles has stated that: 

In the future people might want to buy a click or buy a video view and those would be measured differently… We plan to incorporate that in the coming months.

This information is interesting for businesses who are planning on using Instagram Stories ads, as it means that users can make the decision to buy while watching the Story. And Stories won’t be the only place users will be able to shop on Instagram in the near future: Shopping Tags are also in testing in the US.


Thank you for reading! To find out how you can use Instagram Stories for business, read this!

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