June 16, 2021
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So, you need to promote your freelance skills on social media. This article will show you how to do just that, and thereby help you gain credibility online.

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Freelancing has become another career option in today’s fast-paced industry. Many opt to freelance as it offers freedom and flexibility while still staying employed. To be successful at freelancing, you need to get out there and market yourself well. 

Social media is one of the best mediums to promote your freelance skills online. It has a vast community and active users that you can benefit from. 

Using social media to market your business is nothing new in the freelancing world. In fact, many have attempted this strategy, yet only a few succeed. 

Freelancers are often too naive when promoting themselves through social platforms. Posting beautiful content won’t attract clients to work with you, let alone a post that blatantly asks for a job.

There are some tricks to make yourself stand out as a freelancer and get yourself found by clients. Check out these tips to promote your freelance business better. 

Make a professional account

It’s important to separate your personal life from your freelance account. After all, freelance is another type of business that you run on your own.  

Think of it as managing a business account where you approach clients. It’s more convincing when your platform showcases your skills and experiences rather than a random account showing your lifestyle. 

Sure, presenting yourself as a whole brand can increase your personal branding. However, it won’t help that much if your freelancing job has nothing to do with it.  

Having a professional account can improve your credibility as a freelancer. You can start by making a website that showcases your skill then connect it with your freelance account. 

Keep your brand image consistent

The thing about building personal branding is that you need to be consistent with what you post online. Everything must represent you as a whole, right down to your profile picture and tagline. 

Differentiate your brand identity when you show yourself online. When you’re consistent with what you upload on your platform, clients can identify you easily. The key is to make yourself recognized even from a different social platform.

You can build a personal brand by regularly posting information related to your job area. Let your followers know that you’re into a specific topic and are an expert in that field. So, when people or prospects stumble upon those issues, they will remember you quickly.

Engage with the community

There’s a “social” in social media for a reason. Platforms allow people to connect and interact with each other. They can socialize as if they were meeting offline.

When you decide to use social media as a tool to promote your freelance skills, you need to adapt how you interact with people on your platform of choice. You can connect with fellow freelancers and follow freelance communities to keep informed of the latest news and gigs, for instance.

The right community will also help you pitch for the right clients. For example, if you’re a freelance writer, you’ll often find the opportunity in a secluded writing job board that has a higher success rate rather than pitching for random clients. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to be a part of a freelance community. 

Stay up to date with current trends

Social trends are very erratic. They can change practically overnight. One time people argued whether the dress was blue or gold; another time, they would cry over grumpy cat’s video. That shows how versatile social media is.  

When you keep up with multiple trends at the same time, you can adjust yourself to build the audience. Suppose you’re a freelance financial consultant and the current trend is about how younger generations are struggling to pay their rent, let alone buy a house. From this issue, you can identify common problems and share your insights. 

You might as well share useful information on how to be debt-free or reach financial freedom starting from the ground up. This will help you position yourself as an expert and increase your chances of being found by clients.

Use social media ads

If you still haven’t achieved great results after following the steps above, you might want to try promoting yourself via ads. Today, social media advertising has become a vital strategy for marketers. It can be a strategic move to acquire clients in a short amount of time.

The reason is that social ads can reach out to a specific target audience that fits your business. You don’t need to spend time doing trial and error as you can pay for the system to find your clients. 

By using ads, you can manage your content and track it later to measure its performance. Since Instagram provides analytics for ads, you can estimate whether your current strategy is working out and predict whether you’ll need to change your strategy for your next campaign. 

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Reasons to be on different social platforms

When you’ve set yourself up with the tips above, you’ll learn more about how each social media platform works to market yourself. 


Instagram is one of the best places to showcase beautiful visuals on the internet. In fact, it’s designed to present the world through stunning images. Promoting freelance skills on Instagram is a great move as the platform has millions of active users, so you should be able to build an audience quickly.

1. Showcase Your Portfolio

You can definitely use Instagram to showcase your skills in photography. Even when you’re not a photographer, you can still use the platform to promote your freelance business. However, do keep in mind that Instagram is built to delight the users’ eyes.

Make your post engaging with a fantastic image or persuasive explainer video that captures your audience’s attention. You can also use your Instagram feed as a portfolio so when clients visit your account, they can get instantly hooked with your experience. 

2. Build An Audience

This platform is great when it comes to generating an audience. You can set a strategic posting plan and make relevant hashtags to attract people to visit your page. The hashtags allow people to find your account quickly and give you chances to get more followers.


The best thing about this app is you know what’s happening in real-time. The trending section allows you to stay updated on what people discuss in every part of the world.

1. Follow Prospects

You can start by finding and following prospects on this platform. Simply search their IDs or follow the official job board to get the latest job information. 

Twitter is best to use for customer services as brands can quickly reach out to their audience by replying to personal tweets. You can benefit from this app by tagging the job board or sending personal messages to your prospects, offering your skills.  

2. Create Useful Threads

One of the most effective methods to let people recognize you on Twitter is making a helpful thread. You can practically share everything on this platform, showcasing your expertise. When you share your knowledge through the thread, you have a chance to land on the trend section and become the talk of the online world.


With the majority of Generation X and older millennials on this platform, Facebook becomes more like a business network day by day. Not to mention, Facebook has launched many advertising features that benefit small businesses to promote their products.

1.  Connect with Community

There are many Facebook pages dedicated to different purposes. All you need to do is find a community that fits your profile. If you’re a freelance photographer, you can join photography associations to help you improve your skills.    

You might want to join a backpacker page to broaden your destinations to collect more photos. That way, you get new experience as well as add lists to your portfolio.

2. Establish Business Page

Make sure to create a professional account for your freelance business. With Facebook, you can establish an official page that showcases your experience and skillset. 

You can garner fans with a business page that later increases your credibility. Moreover, you have a higher chance of being found by clients when they perform a search on Facebook.


Linkedin has been known as a professional platform. Many people on this medium can share their expertise and find new jobs easily. Thus, if you’re looking for a place to get in touch with fellow professionals, this is the place.  

1. Set Up A Profile

You can fill out the information about yourself, experience, and background study. When completing the profile section, you can also update the status to “open to work” to let recruiters that you’re looking for an opportunity. 

Make sure to note down your expertise in your profile. For example, put subtitles like “Freelance writer, copywriter, content writer, blogger, journalist.” That way, clients can easily find you from the search when they type specific keywords. 

2. InMail Direct Message

You can also send the InMail direct message to connect with clients. This feature is limited to premium members only. However, you have opportunities to pitch for many prospects with the InMail messages. You only need to search for companies or clients you wish to work together, and then you can set messages to approach them.

Bottom Line

Promoting yourself as a freelancer can be a daunting task. Not only does it take the hard work of self-marketing, but it often spends you more time without quick results. However, there are social media platforms that you can make use of effectively. 

You can showcase your experience and skills through social networks and let yourself be found by clients. Having a number of followers can also help you find new opportunities as many people have recognized you through the content on your account. 

Make sure to follow the tips above to promote your freelance skills better. Don’t be quickly discouraged when you haven’t found the right client. Soon, you’ll find the right client who can see your potential!

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