September 22, 2014 Last updated on November 23rd, 2017
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Instagram is growing everyday. With the continuous expansion of this social network, how can your brand make the difference? With these five tips, we hope to help you understand better how your brand can take its Instagram presence to the next level.

1- You brand has a story, tell it.

Your company’s story is very important when building your online presence. It helps your audience understand you better and learn more about your past, your core values.



When posting you contribute to the storytelling of your brand. Therefore keep in mind what you want to represent for your audience, the story you want to tell. Anything with significance to your company’s history is important to post on, such as milestones or anniversaries. A good meet-up day with your followers can be the #throwbackthursday hashtag, where every thursday you share a picture from your past

2- Your company is made of people, show it.

Many brands on Instagram don’t pay enough attention to this. It is very important. Your company has a human side, so show it! It allows your followers to connect and feel close to your brand.

Facebook human side

Facebook human side

3- Track user-generated content

People are sharing photos and videos about your brands. That’s why it is important for you to keep an eye on this content and see what they publish. How to do so? All you have to do is to track hashtags around your brand, most fo the time they will use your brand name as a hashtag (#brandname) or specific hashtag you’ve created for specific campaigns. You can search for media containing your hashtag(s) using our Instagram search engine.

hashtag tracking iconosquare


4- Engage your audience

Another important thing to do, is to keep engaging with your community and contests are probably the best solution to do so. They are a fun and gratifying way to boost user-generated content, increase exposure and improve brand image!

contest promotion instagram

While it is not always easy to find inspiration you can still take a look at the contests we are hosting on Iconosquare.

5- Be social

Instagram is a social network, therefore it should be natural for your brand to connect with people. Don’t wait for users to come to you but go to them. How? You can start by liking and commenting on posts talking about your brand. You can also respond to comment on media you have posted and partner with other brands that target the same audience.


Is your brand looking to build a scalable and effective Instagram strategy? Contact us.


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