August 28, 2014 Last updated on November 23rd, 2017
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5 Tips for the Hyperlapse app

I suppose, you’ve all heard about the new app that Instagram released called “Hyperlapse”

This app which allows us “to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion” has a lot of potential, but mastering it is another problem.

After numerous tries, we also did our Hyperlapse video, but in the process we’ve learned a lot on the app and thanks also to the feedback from the early-adopters, we are sharing our first impressions and feedback.

1- Hyperlapsing
As this app records at high-speed, you have to keep the iphone completely stable in order to have a smooth flow, try not change directions too fast or you won’t see anything. If you decide to change directions, choose only one, or else you’ll have a blurry effect on the video (and also people commenting that they want to vomit). In order to  achieve fluid camera motion the Hyperlapse team “incorporated a video stabilization algorithm called Cinema (which is already used in Video on Instagram) into Hyperlapse“. In order to have the smoothest video possible, the app crops the video as we can see here. remember to center on your phone what you want people to see.

2 – Auto-adjustement
It also (normally) auto-adjusts the brightness, so try avoiding too much light or shadows while shooting. But if the app doesn’t auto-adjust you can tap the screen (even while filming) to adjust the exposure.  It will also focus on where you click on the screen.

As you can see in this in this corporate hyperlapse from Fox Sports

3 – Speeding-up the process
Keep in mind that 3 minutes of video footage sped up at 12x will just represent 15 seconds (which is Instagram’s limit for videos). If you want to make the perfect hyperlapse video, try making a little scenario in order to make it easier when hyperlapsing. Do no forget to shoot your scenes longer than expected, or else you’ll get a blurry/quick effect.

As you can see in this corprorate hyperlapse from Hottopic

4 – Cover Frame
As always when posting a video, remember to have a nice cover frame. Now, it’s not easy to create one when your video goes 6 times faster, so when shooting try to remember that you’ll have to create one. Don’t forget to choose a nice cover frame (as it goes very fast, it’s not really easy to get  clear picture), cut some video out if necessary… A nice cover frame is always appealing to users and fans.

deezer cover frame

deezer cover frame

citibike cover frame

citibike cover frame

5 – Add some music
if you’re tired of the silent hyperlapse videos, you can add a soundtrack thanks to the app named Lomotif (or other apps that allow you to edit videos) and you’ll get some entertaining videos like the Mashable one :


Did you try the app?  Did you notice brands doing well with the app?
What was your impression? Have you got any tips?

Is your brand looking to build a scalable and effective Instagram strategy?
Are you planning on integrating hyperlapse in your campaigns or contests? Do you think it can help you and your brand successfully achieve your digital strategy? If you are looking for pieces of advice on how to make it with this app or ideas for good visual content on Instagram, do not hesitate to contact us.

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