June 11, 2020 Last updated on July 27th, 2021
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Tired of having to constantly choose and update your Instagram link in bio?

If you’re facing this problem you probably know that Instagram only lets you add one link to your Instagram bio, but thankfully, the days of picking and choosing are over!


You can take your link in bio to the next level using link in bio tools.

In this article, you’ll find 6 of the best link in bio tools you can use to maximize your Instagram bio link.

6 Link in Bio Tools to Manage Your Instagram Link Like a Pro

What is a link in bio tool?

Link in bio tools help marketers get the most out of their single bio links by offering them the possibility to link to more content and pages with just one URL . Writing a great Instagram bio just doesn’t cut the mustard these days – you need your bio to convert.

Most of these tools work with the same process: you build a landing page, fill it with different types of links (depending on the features each tool offers) and you get your own custom shortlink. Once you’ve included that shortlink in your bio, your profile visitors will be directed to a custom landing page with a lot of clickable link possibilities.

Sounds great, right?

If you’re not using a link in bio tool yet, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

To help you choose the best tool for you, here are our top-ranking link in bio tools:

#1 Omnilink

Omnilink is a link in bio tool that allows you to create a customizable landing page with multiple redirections using a custom shareable link — perfect to include in your bio on all your social media profiles! Omnilink displays your links using neat little “tiles”, giving the whole landing page a sophisticated look which can be edited to suit brand style and colors.


Here are some of the great features Omnilink offers:

  • 3 type of tiles: Text & Links, Instagram and Youtube
  • 100% customizable landing pages
  • In-depth analytics
  • Multiple profile management — you can manage up to 10 Omnilink pages (each page has its shortlink) on one Omnilink account.

How to use Omnilink:

1. Sign up to Omnilink on your desktop. When signing up, the first step is to create your Omnilink URL, display your name, description and add the links to your social media accounts.

2. Then, the customization of your page starts. At this step, you can customize everything: avatar, cover, icon shape, tile shape, font and background color.

3. Once the landing page is created, you can start adding your link tiles. Head to the My Page section, and click on the + icon at the bottom right of the screen to create a new card.

4. Then, you can choose between Text & Links, Videos (allowing you to link to YouTube videos), or Instagram. If you want to move any sections, click and drag on the dots at the top of each card. If you want to edit a card, just click on the pencil icon at the top right of the card. 

5. To get your custom URL, click on the “…” icon at the top right of your page and simply click on the “Copy link” icon in the drop-down list.

Now, you have just to put it in your bio and offer your subscribers a huge range of content possibilities to access.

Pricing: Omnilink is 100% free!

Access Omnilink now!

#2 Linktree

Linktree is one of the more popular link in bio tools on the market. Similarly to Omnilink, Linktree allows you to build a landing page with links to the sites you want to share.


Here are some of the features Linktree offers:

  • Unlimited links / Priority links / Video Links
  • Analytics
  • Link Scheduling
  • Customization options
  • Embedded videos
  • SMS signup links / Newsletter Email Signup
  • Integrations (Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Sheets, Unsplash, Amazon Influencer Program, Youtube)

Jump into the pricing page to see more features.

Pricing: Linktree offers a free plan with basic features (with the Linktree watermark) and a PRO plan which costs $6/month.

#3 TapBio 

Tap Bio allows you to build a mobile-friendly website. When people are on your TapBio mini-website they can swipe through your cards by tapping into the screen like on Instagram Stories.


Here are Tapbio’s features:

  • Simple cards
  • Link cards
  • Instagram links
  • Email Collection
  • Twitter & Youtube cards
  • Image Gallery (Beta)

Pricing: You can get started using Tap Bio for free (but you’ll only get one type of card). Silver plan starts at $5/month or $36/year and Gold plan at $12/month and $96/year.


#4 Campsite

Campsite is very similar to Linktree in its interface. Campsite offers the possibility to create a landing page, in a list format, where you can list your different links.


Here are some of Campsite’s features:

  • Unlimited links
  • Customization
  • Social accounts
  • Analytics
  • Connect with Instagram for images on your links
  • Archive and restore links
  • Pin links
  • Link scheduling
  • Multiple profile management (3 Campsites in one account)
  • Unsplash integration

Jump into the pricing page to see more features.

Pricing: Campsite offers a free version with limited features, and you can unlock premium features with PRO plan which costs $7/month or $70/year.


#5 Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is a simpler link in bio tool. Similar to Omnilink and Linktree, gives you the ability to create a single landing page with a collection of links. Lnk.Bio offer fewer customization options than other link in bio tools listed above, however it’s a really simple tool that gets the job done.


Here are’s key features:

  • Unlimited links
  • Link tracking
  • Custom URL available
  • Social media profile cross-linking capabilities
  • Analytics

Pricing: Similar to other link in bio tools in this list, Lnk.Bio offers a free version. However, you can unlock more features with the PRO plan for $0,90 a month, $9.99 one-time fee, or $24.99 if you want the whitelabel option.


#6 Liinks

Liinks lets creators design and build pages in minutes, with more ways to customize than other link-in-bio tools.

No two pages are alike – great for creatives, personalities and brands wanting full control over their page’s look and feel. Create beautiful micro landing pages with ease. Drop in your links, style your page and add it to your bio. 

It’s free to get started with Liinks, but upgrading to Liinks Premium (only $3,99/month) unlocks robust features giving full advantage of all the awesome customization options.

Every Liinks user gets:

  • Unlimited basic links 
  • Profile picture and bio at the top of your page 
  • Social icons for quick reference

Premium Liinks users can:

  • Add images to your links and choose between 6 awesome different layouts, including Grids and Carousels
  • Customize the colors, fonts, background, and more to match your brand
  • Add Media embeds (Youtube, Spotify, etc…)
  • Connect to Instagram to automatically update your Liinks page with links from your post captions 
  • Collect email in Mailchilp with a Mailing List block
  • Animate your Liinks to draw attention or schedule them to show and hide at a specific time

With an expading feature set and low price point – Liinks is a great option for those looking to stand out with a beautiful and unique bio link page.


Whatever your Instagram goal is, you should have everything you need on hand to achieve it, and that includes utilizing your link in bio. When well-used, your bio link can be a real opportunity for generating traffic and conversions. By using one of these tools, you’ll be able to create and promote your marketing campaigns, quickly and easily,  and direct your visitors to your different valuable content via a unique link (which you never have to change!).

Which link in bio tool do you use? Do you have any other link in bio tool recommendations?

Let us know in the comments!

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