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As a major player in Instagram’s ecosystem it’s natural for us to share our analyses and experience to demystify Instagram in the eyes of marketing professionals like you. That’s why we decided to publish the Instagram 2015 Study. We also wanted to highlight some exclusive findings from this study that seem inevitable for any marketer.

Here is the list:

Fact #1 – [tweet]61% of Instagramers like at least 1 media/day and more than 30% like over 10 media/day [/tweet]

Fact #2 – [tweet]64% of Instagramers are women, 36% men. 73% of Instagramers are between 15 and 35 years old [/tweet]

Fact #3 – [tweet]70% of Instagramers have already taken part in a contest or might do so. 33% of them think that the easiest way to enter is to post on an official hashtag [/tweet]

Fact #4 –[tweet]The peak of interactions on Instagram is between 8PM and 9PM. 30% of publications are done at the week-end [/tweet]

Fact #5 –[tweet]On Instagram 53% of posts have at least one hashtag. 20% have more than 6 hashtags[/tweet]

Click here to read the Instagram 2015 Study

Fact #6 – [tweet]70% of Instagramers have already looked for a brand on Instagram. 41% follow or would follow a brand to benefit from special offers[/tweet]

Fact #7 – [tweet]37% of Instagramers follow between 1 to 5 brand accounts. 32% of Instagramers follow more than 5 brand accounts[/tweet]

Fact #8 – [tweet]76% of Instagramers declare that receiving likes encourages them to publish more. 65% of users would feel flattered or honoured if a brand liked one of their post[/tweet]

Fact #9 – [tweet]48% of Instagramers are professionals. 46% of Instagramers have higher education degrees[/tweet]

Fact #10 – [tweet]Top 3 reasons why users follow brands on Instagram: 62% because they love the brand[/tweet], 54% to discover new things, 48% because they find content interesting or funny

Fact #11 –  [tweet]84% of Instagramers like receiving likes on their publications 76% state that receiving likes on their posts encourages them to publish more[/tweet]

Click here to read the Instagram 2015 Study

What’s your opinion about these facts? Have you read the study yet? Please let us know in the comments.

Anthony Clasen

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