November 22, 2017 Last updated on August 8th, 2018
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Have you ever wondered how to get the ball rolling with your Facebook Business Page? Years ago, it used to be relatively easy to get fans on the platform, but since Facebook started to suck life (and money) out of us marketers, it’s becoming harder and harder for new businesses to get noticed if they’re not ready to splash the cash.

So, if you’re on a low budget (or have no budget at all), how do you grow your fan base? And how do you reach that first sweet milestone of getting your first 1000 fans on Facebook?

Some people say it’s impossible without a Facebook marketing budget. I say it is. You don’t necessarily need paid advertising to get noticed — you just need to arm yourself with a few useful Facebook hacks and some strategic tips to learn how to break through the noise and build your audience from scratch!

So, in today’s article, I’m going to give away 12 tips on how to get 1000 fans on Facebook without breaking the bank!

How to get 1000 fans on Facebook (without ads)

How to Get 1000 Fans on Facebook (Without Spending Money on Ads)

1. Have a Facebook content strategy

I know, I know — I’m being a bit of a bore stating the obvious. And yet, this is the ugly truth: If you don’t approach Facebook strategically and don’t create a well-planned content strategy in advance, there’s going to be a big chance you’ll end up posting last minute, in a hurry, as an afterthought, drained of any fresh ideas.

You don’t want that.

What you want is to plan ahead, so that eventually you will be able to sip mojitos on the beach while your Facebook Business Page gets more and more fans on its own.

For that to happen, you need to first answer these three key questions:

– What kind of content do I need to be creating to achieve my goals?
– What kind of content would my potential audience be interested in?
– How can I diversify that content?
– What tone of voice do I want to use?

If your content isn’t on point and on brand, if your headlines aren’t catchy, if your copy lacks personality, nobody will bother reading it. Instead, aim for the moon and try to write kick-ass content — but to do that, you first need a solid understanding of what to write about.

So start brainstorming ideas. Create a plan. Make it a strategy.

And once that’s done, don’t forget to…


2. Experiment with content types

Just like Dexter in his secret laboratory, you should be experimenting with different types of content to add variety to your Page and make sure it’s never boring. Also, that’s how you will eventually identify what content works for you and your brand, as it is can always vary from case to case.

In short, there are 4 types of content you can try juggling: Photos, Link Previews, Status Updates, and Videos. If you use Iconosquare, Analytics —> Reach/Engagement will tell you what is your average reach and clickthrough rate by post type, so that you know what works and what doesn’t.

Facebook engagement and reach per post type

An example of Facebook engagement and reach per post type for own own page


3. Tag people in your pics

Posted a picture of yourself on your own Facebook Business Page? Tag yourself, for your friends to see.

Posted a picture of your friends, clients or partners you’ve met? Tag them, for their friends to see.

Mentioned another brand? Tag them, too!

In other words: If there’s somebody to tag in the photo, do it. This one simple action will ensure that those pictures will be shared in the tagged person’s feed and the likes that share will accumulate will show up on your Facebook Page as well. Remember: tagging gives you access to other people’s and other brands’ audiences. So why not tag them?!


4. Share other people’s content

It’s not necessarily your own content that you always need to publish. To be honest, sometimes it’s even better when it isn’t. There are often some cool viral campaigns happening that might resonate with your brand — don’t hesitate to share them! If they’re already trending on Facebook, your fans will probably take interest in that too.

If you’ve been given a mention somewhere, let your fans know. Post that link, tag the media outlet, and say how grateful you are to be mentioned ❤️

If you’ve partnered up with someone, or truly admire somebody’s work, or if one of your clients/users have produced content about you, feel free to share that too! Don’t underestimate the power of user-generated content: not only will people be grateful for the mention, it also gives you an opportunity to take a little break from producing content. Also, not talking about yourself for a change might be refreshing!

Here’s an example I recently came across from this avocado-themed little restaurant in Amsterdam. Look what they did here: They gave props for the good work, they tagged somebody who’s relevant to their field (a fruit and veggie artist), they accumulated 390 likes and 23 shares for the post, and they hardly had to do anything for it.

UGC on Facebook example

UGC on Facebook: take advantage of it!

5. Use your personal Facebook profile

Little details don’t go unnoticed: Adding a link to the page you manage on your personal Facebook profile will give a bit more exposure, and will let any of your new friends (or your new stalkers 😈 ) click through to your Facebook Page.

How to get 1000 followers on Facebook? Use your personal profile!

A sweet little and shameless mention of Iconosquare on my private Facebook page.

Now, for the posts you actually post on your Facebook Business Page: some people just post, leave it at that, and wait for magic to happen. But for an extra boost, you can also share the post on your personal Facebook profile and even add a little something to it, encouraging people to click through:

Another way to get your first 1000 followers on Facebook Business Page is to share content on your private Facebook page

Another shameless moment: our Inbound Marketer Emily sharing an Iconosquare post on her personal Facebook page. Why not?


6. Invite your friends (and tell your friends to invite your friends)

When your page has launched and you’ve added a few posts on it, do these two things:

– Make an announcement on your personal Facebook and encourage the friends to support you with a like and a follow and to check out your new page;
– Send them all an invite by clicking this neat little button:

How to get 1000 likes on Facebook Business Page? Invite your friends to like your Page!

Now, is this spammy? Self-promotional? Self-centred?

Maybe a little bit. But you know what: a friend in need is a friend indeed! You need your friends and their like power now more than ever, because just as money makes money, likes make likes. If people visit your page and it has just 10 likes on it, they will think twice about joining the tribe. But if you can get at least 100 likes based on your friends and acquaintances, that will make your page look more trustworthy.


7. Join Facebook groups

Facebook groups — ever heard about them?

There are myriads of them, on all different kinds of topics, for all different purposes.

Now, Facebook groups are great for networking, learning new things, and promoting your content. If you’re a blogger, there are trillions of relevant groups in your niche: all you have to do is type your keyword in and click “groups”.  If you’re a small online shop owner, check out groups like Shopify Entrepreneurs, where you can ask questions first-hand, learn about e-commerce, make acquaintances. If you’re a small Etsy Shop owner, say, in UK, there are groups for that too: Etsy shops under 100 sales, Etsy UK Sellers Help Group, etc.

Point is: joining a group is easy, and interacting in it will boost YOUR visibility, and hence, the visibility of your Page, too. Being an active part of a Facebook community helps you build relationships with like-minded people, with like-minded goals. And seriously, nobody is going to listen to you talk about Facebook ads and clickthrough rates over a glass of wine?!

8. Get a Facebook widget or pop-up for your site

I said it before and I’ll say it again: you MUST include a widget — or a pop up — on your website if you want to grow your Facebook audience. 

Facebook offers this Page Plugin that allows you to embed your Facebook timeline, to show people what you’ve been posting and encourage them to like your page without leaving the site. Just make sure the widget is attracting enough attention and isn’t hiding somewhere at the bottom of your page!

Also, you can play around with adding a Facebook pop-up to encourage people to give you a “thumbs up”. If you use Sumo, for instance (which is free), you can create a pop-up easily there — or you can explore other tools to do that.

An example of a Facebook pop-up from Sumo


9. Promote on other channels

Following on from  the previous point, it also makes sense to promote your Facebook on other social media channels too.

Make a shoutout on Instagram to your Facebook.

Ask people to follow you on Facebook on Twitter.

Include a link to your Facebook page in your email signature.

And you can go even further and write a link to your Facebook page on your business cards.


10. Keep a regular schedule

Now, Facebook, just like Instagram, wants you to be active on the platform. If you disappear all of a sudden, the algorithm won’t appreciate this, so when you start posting again, it won’t help your post get visibility.

So this being said, you should aim to publish regularly to your Facebook page — at the very least, twice per week. Not only does this give the selfish Facebook algorithm the attention it needs, but also will ensure that your fans won’t forget about your existence. Don’t go out of sight if you want people to bear you in mind 😉

Find out when your fans are most online, either on Facebook Insights or Iconosquare’s Reach tab, and schedule your posts in advance for that specific time.

What's the best time to post on Facebook?

What’s the best time to post on Facebook? When your fans are online.


11. Ask questions to encourage participation

Want engagement?  Ask questions!

If you don’t ask people’s opinions, why should they care to share them?

Finishing a post with a question entices people to speak up. As simple as “Where in the world are you right now?” or “What’s your opinion on this?” might do wonders. Another thing to remember is that comments not only drive up Facebook engagement (thus, helping your posts get more visibility in the newsfeed), but also allow people to connect with your brand directly. So don’t forget to respond and interact!

12. Don’t forget people you meet offline

Chances are that your business has offline touchpoints with customers or prospects: this can be on-site in your store or restaurant, but also during events or trade shows.

Whenever you have a positive interaction with someone offline – which I hope you have from time to time 😉 – this is an opportunity to ask for an online favor such as a Facebook like or review.

A great tactic to do this is through surveys:

  1. Ask people to fill in a short satisfaction survey right after their experience, on a tablet that you provide to them. Collect their e-mail address, preferably in combination with a small incentive.
  2. E-mail those who left a positive score, asking them to like your Facebook page or to give a review.

BONUS TIP! Invite those who have interacted with your content, but haven’t liked your Page

Not everyone who has liked your Page interacts with your content. That’s a fact. But also: not everyone who interacts with your content has liked your Page! If you’ve been implementing some of the tips above, like tagging, there’s a chance that you’ve got some interactions coming from people who have not liked your Page yet.

If you click on all the likes of your recent post, Facebook will tell who has interacted with your content, how (a like, a heart, an emoji, etc) and whether or not they have liked your Page. If they haven’t yet, send them an invite!

How to get your first 1000 fans on Facebook

Click on your content “likers” and invite them to like your Page, too!


Growing your Facebook presence is particularly important if you’re a new in your field of business, as you won’t be getting much traffic from Google just yet. So it’s smart to start investing in social as soon as you can. Hope these tips have helped you to get the ball rolling! And while it takes time to build your audience on Facebook organically, always remember: it’s not the number of fans you should be after, but the quality of your engagement! So go slower, but steadier. Invest time in building a Facebook audience that is truly interested in what you’ve got to say — and your business will thank you for that later.


Want to get the ball rolling with Facebook marketing? Check out our free ebook “Facebook for Business: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners” to learn how to get started 😉

Facebook for Business: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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