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In today’s world, you can’t NOT be on social media (but then again maybe we’re biased!). In any case, if you are a brand that wants to succeed and communicate efficiently with its customers, you need to be present on social media.

The thing is, having an effective social media presence is TIME CONSUMING. That’s why we’ve put together these 10 Commandments of time saving, to make your life easier and take off a little pressure when it comes to social media – because it shouldn’t be a chore! Read carefully and see how many commandments you abide by.

1. Thou shalt select thy networks carefully

Being on every network is unnecessary. Think about your product, and the best ways to market it: do you have amazing visuals to share? Do you want to engage in conversation with your community? For example, if you have a clothing brand, you’ll need a platform which is suited to your kind of media. Share high-quality images and videos of your clothing on Instagram, and link that account to a Facebook page where you can amass likes and reputation for your brand. Twitter is becoming more and more visual, too, although its main benefit is the ability to converse with customers – in fact more and more companies are using Twitter purely as a customer support platform, which is great too.

2. Thou shalt find out where thy audience is

If you’re having trouble deciding which platforms to use, first check out where your audience is. Who is your target market? If you’re aiming at a young audience, you’ll most certainly want to check out Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. The visual media networks are most popular among the younger generations, whereas Facebook is the way to go if you’re going for a global audience. Older generations are also present on Facebook and YouTube.

3. Thou shalt post at the best possible times

Reaching out to your community is great. But in order to get the best possible engagement, you need to be posting at the right times and on the right days. Blind posting is great to begin with, as it is what will help you to get a feel for what works best, but in the longer term, it’s essential to have a posting strategy based on timing and frequency for best results. Iconosquare offers a ‘Best Time to Post’ tool which shows you your peak engagement times on Instagram in a heat map style graph. This tool can be a real eye-opener when it comes to timing your posts on Instagram.

4. Thou shalt store content ideas in a spreadsheet for easy access

One of the most important tasks for saving yourself time and never being short for content is to collect all your ideas in a spreadsheet or Word document. Whenever an idea for a post comes to you, write it down. You can then go back to your document and pick and choose from your musings when you’re planning your next post!

5. Thou shalt use IFTTT to automate and synchronize thy posts

So you know where your audience is (check), you’ve chosen your networks accordingly (check), you have rounded up your ideas and put them in a content bank (check), you know the best times to post to get the best engagement (check), now what? Now, you need to synchronize! IFTTT (If This Then That) offers a recipe-based platform that allows you to choose a parent network to control another. For example, you post to Twitter, and that same post is automatically optimized for and posted to Facebook seconds later. You can select pretty much any recipe imaginable to man, and have your networks doing the work for you in no time!

6. Thou shalt make the most of Google Alerts

Save yourself time and keep your posting frequency up. Google Alerts are an essential tool for content marketers: type in your keywords to get alerts when an article is published on those themes. Sharing news and hot topics is fundamental for establishing your voice and authority on social media, so make the most of articles published on your domain of expertise, and don’t hesitate to repost them on your channels. Even better: add your own comment on the article and mention the original author as a shout out!

7. Thou shalt set up a monitoring deck for global viewing

Keep all your plates spinning by checking up on how each of your posts is fairing on each of your networks at once. Using a monitoring deck means you get a global overview of the networks of your choice, all in one place.

8. Thou shalt Buffer thy Tweets and Facebook posts

Buffer is a great little tool that allows you to schedule your social media posts and have them sent out automatically. Here at Iconosquare, we use it for our tweets. We schedule 5 tweets per day, and arrange them in the order we want, all in advance. Remember, you can’t be everywhere, so tools like this save huge amounts of time that you can now spend doing other things!

9. Thou shalt track thy performance and get a feel for what works

All your efforts are meaningless unless you have some way of seeing what has worked and what hasn’t. How can you learn from your mistakes if you don’t know you’ve made them? How can you reproduce winning content if you don’t know you’ve produced it in the first place? Tracking performance on content, timings, hashtags etc. is paramount. For blog posts, we recommend Google Analytics, for Twitter, there is a native analytics platform, as there is for Facebook’s business pages. For Instagram, Iconosquare can provide you with all your key stats, and even some fun ones too!

10. Thou shalt republish thy most highly performing posts

Lastly, if you’ve tracked your performance and you know what works, REUSE IT! It’s YOUR content, so put it to good use! What’s the point in putting your hard work and effort into an amazing, highly performing post if you’re only going to post it once? Repurpose on different platforms or even on the same platform at a later date and capture the attention of followers who didn’t catch it the first time around.

So, are you abiding by all of the commandments? Or could you perhaps save yourself some more precious time?!

Let us know if this article helped to to achieve your goals in the comments below!

Emily Lydon

Author Emily Lydon

Emily is an Inbound Marketer for Iconosquare, based in the Limoges office. She loves all things social and revels in keeping on top of the social media marketing game by writing for the blog. She’s also a bit obsessed with sushi, gin and Netflix.

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  • Thanks for sharing your tips. But does Google Alerts still exist? I went to Talk Walker alerts after not getting any news from Google Alerts 🙁

    • Yep, just used and just received mails from that news 🙂

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