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Get Your 2013 Best Instagram Moments on Video

2013 has been an exciting year for the Instagram community. Throughout the year we’ve all had a great time sharing pictures and videos on Instagram. Today the time has come to review all these amazing moments.

To do so in the most beautiful manner we have released an exclusive video snapshot that features your 2013 best Instagram moments. We wanted to offer you this special gift so you can share it with your own community.

To claim your video snapshot all you have to do is sign-in on Statigram and request it (the video will be emailed to you). Once you’ve downloaded the video on your mobile share it directly on the Instagram app using #memostatigram and get featured on our Facebook Page. Enjoy it!

Statigram’s 2013 Best Moments on video:

What do you think about this video snapshot? Have you claimed yours yet? Please leave your comments below.

Due to a high number of requests we are unable to provide efficient customer support through comments. If you encounter any issue please visit our support center. If you can’t find any solution to your problem then contact us.

  • Muhammad Osman Gul

    I accidentally clicked on “no thanks” – any way I can get the video now?

    • Romain_Statigram

      You can request the video from the “Snapshots” section on
      Make sure the email adress entered is correct and click on “send”. It will be emailed to you.

  • Eric Len

    All I got is just a picture. Not video. Why?

    • Romain_Statigram

      Hi, what is your Instagram username please?

  • Daniel Schwitzgebel

    number of like and comment are not updated! please fix 🙂

  • Narla

    Hello! I can’t receive my video! I send to my email and never come! I’m so sad! 🙁

    • Romain_Statigram

      Due to the huge number of requests it might take up to several hours before you get it, but you will.

      • Narla

        Hi Romain! Thanks for your return! I’m waitting so! Merry Christmas!

  • Jose

    I wanted another pic for the beginning of the year so I already delete the first one… can I ask again for the video? 😐

  • Leonie Thomas

    I loved it! Thank you!

  • peter

    I haven’t received it too 🙁 Still – “Your stats are being calculated…” for about a day..please help!
    username – petruccioo