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How to Create an Instagram Stories Ad

Instagram Stories have been criticized and applauded since their arrival in August 2016. The one thing that everyone can agree on is: everyone’s talking about them. And that’s pretty smart if you ask me!

Instagram has now granted all businesses on the platform the option of putting ads in users’ Stories. So today, we’re going to take a look at the advantages of doing so, as well as showing you how!

Why advertise in Stories?

As said before, Instagram Stories is all anyone can talk about on social media at the moment: “They stole the idea from Snapchat” being the main conversation topic. But the truth is, the number of daily active users of Instagram Stories is equal to that of Snapchat (150 DAU) and the potential reach of an Instagram Story is even greater than that.

One of the main positives of Instagram Stories is the fact that these new skippable ads just became available in a self-service format on Instagram – which is not possible on Snapchat as of yet. Therefore, this advertising option is going to be essential for businesses using Instagram for marketing purposes, wherever your loyalties lie, simply because you can’t get that kind of visibility elsewhere.

The second point is the fact that these ads are skippable. This means they’re almost completely nonintrusive for Instagram users, and at the same time, unavoidable. In essence: impressions on these ads will be through the roof, while annoyance will be kept to a bare minimum. An ad will appear between two separate Stories (when watching from the main feed) and users will simply be able to skip it if they’re not interested (by tapping the screen). They can also flip back and watch an interesting ad again!

Sounds good, right?

You can keep up with how your ads are doing the usual way, via Facebook Ads Manager.



How can I make an ad for Stories?

This is the best bit: it’s easy! From Ads Manager or Power Editor, create an advertising campaign with “Reach” as your marketing objective.

Then, fill in your audience as you normally would. When you get to the “Placements” section, edit your placements and select “Instagram” then “Stories“.

You then have the option of choosing the single image format or the single video option.

Bear in mind that your image or video needs to meet the image spec recommended by Facebook, ie: 1080x1920px. Also try to choose visuals which don’t contain any text (or vey little) to ensure approval.



Did you catch our tutorial video on how to create your own Stories Ad on Instagram? Watch it here!


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10 thoughts on “How to Create an Instagram Stories Ad

  1. Stephane Berchem

    Great post!
    But I am not able to run a story ad, is it possible that the feature is not available in every country yet?

    1. Emily Lydon Post author

      Stephane, you need to have a Facebook Page and an Instagram Business Profile to be able to run ads – is this your case? If so, it’s fishy! All businesses should have access to this new option. 🙂

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