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Instagram now sorts your comments too

Anyone else noticed their comments weren’t showing up in the right order on Instagram posts?

If you’ve noticed it, you’re probably working on desktop, since comments still appear to be in chronological order on the app.

On however, comments are now jumbled!


This is a screenshot from the Comment Tracker on Iconosquare, which uses the order provided by Instagram. The comments clearly have been mixed up!

A couple of theories from our team:

  • Instagram is testing a new comment order where the accounts with the most followers appear at the top
  • Same idea but with your most engaged followers appearing at the top
  • Same idea but with the most relevant comments at the top (comments with keywords, comments which are purely text, as opposed to comments which are emojis and @mentions)

Possible consequence of an algorithmic ordering:

It could become more difficult to keep on top of new comments (unless you’re using a monitoring tool like the Comment Tracker on Iconosquare, which tells you which comments are unread!)


We’d love to get your take on this news in the comments below!

  • It’s been driving me crazy, somebody asks a question and the answer is before it. Thanks for saying something, I thought it was just me as I couldn’t find anybody else saying anything about it.

  • ian

    It’s out of order on the windows app as well, which makes it difficult for me to track bids on my art. Whatever instagram is doing, it’s ridiculous. Comments need to be in order.

  • jodie watt

    why would you mess with the comments ,comments are comments for Petes sake, is it not enough you have wound people up with the algorithmic ordering. just let things be organic and stop testing us we are not lab rats

  • ken

    It’s totally ridiculous. I know when someone makes a comment but I have to search up and down to find them. Then when I reply, my reply may appear anywhere at all.

  • Jessica


  • Rafael Barbosa


  • John Cena

    I’ve noticed that some comments are shown before tapping on view more comments and literally all those comments on the course account say something like “OMG I love your account so much!” I mean that’s a normal comment but it’s the same message by tons of popular accounts appearing on literally every single one of course’s posts. There’s a possibility that course is somehow asking other popular accounts to comment these things… I mean, I don’t know.

    • John Cena

      …it’s annoying seeing that. It’s being used as a way to make an account seem much better than it actually is.

    • Emily Lydon

      Hey guys, check out this post, it may have the answers you’re looking for! 🙂